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Tiedeman Round 1 and 2 – Rockingham

Mark Smith reports from behind the wheel

From a purely personal point of view, Rockingham will never rank as one of my favourite tracks – bleak and uninspiring, with an infield section that looks as though it was drawn by a child to play with his Corgi (other brands are available) toys.That aside, at least the weather was OK and MSVR had arranged for us to have the garages – always a bonus.

Preparation centred on a discussion with the team along the lines of 'Do you want the car set up for the fast banked section or the tight infield?'. Being a bit of a coward, I opted for the former option, on the basis that anything going wrong there will hurt.

It was good to see a few returning faces and some new drivers joining us for the first 2016 Tiedeman round, but practice soon dispelled any notion that they might be a little rusty or had slowed down in any way – particularly impressed with Nathan and Bryn's speed, straight out of the box. As expected, the Gulfsport boys looked pretty handy, but James looked to be close in the Lola.

The first race demonstrated that standing starts are not that easy, but the Gulfsport boys were soon into their stride. My race was livened up by a bit of a battle with Bryn, but a 360 spin (caused by a sudden absence of talent), didn't help my cause much.

The second race was a bit more disjointed, with Red and Yellow striped flags causing a few issues. Mr Cotton is obviously a lot braver than I am, as he rapidly caught me and we had a very entertaining few laps together. (Yes - asst ed)

The next Tiedeman round is Croft, a circuit we haven't visited for a while, so I look forward to seeing everyone there. £299 for practice and 2 races must be good value and we've tried to support those more Northerly members who comment on the lack of races on theior patch - please come and support us.

Mark Smith

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