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Spa 25/26 June 2016

Quick Report

Race 1

Race 1 was won overall by Jacopo Sebastiani by under 0.4 sec from Mono regular Robbie Watts. First "real" Mono car was Jason Timms in what the ever delightful Belgian timekeepers called a Dallara F311. Jeremy dropped down the order, reason unknown. Chris Hodgen won the F3 class in his F304, ahead of James Rimmer, while after his trials in the past it was good to see Mike Hatton 3rd in class.

Peter Venn stormed Classic in the evergreen Anson, while Terry Clark won the 2000 division. Jon Reed won the 1000 class, while it was good, after the problems he's suffered this year to see Philip Davis triumph in 1800. Geoff Fern, in a "Van Dieman" (those wacky timekeepers again...) lead Chairman Eddie in for 1600. From the F3Cup report and his omission from Sunday, it looks like poor John Hare suffered a big one (without injury) which despite the absence of disclosure of the fact on the timing sheets meant a red flag, shortening the race.

Race 2

Shedloads of retirements with a couple of safety cars caused by F3 Cup misdemeanours. Stuart Wiltshire won overall, with Jeremy Timms taking the Mono honours from Jason. James Rimmer won the Mono F3 class, with Terry Clark standing on the 2000 top step. Jared Wood took the Classic win, Peter Venn having retired. George Fowler was 1800 victor while Geoff Fern took the 1600 top spot again, this time from Kevin Bottomley.

Tony Cotton
Not there, relying on dodgy timing info and reliable F3 Cup info.

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