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DON'T PUT THAT CAR AWAY YET!! 30 October 2016

Entries are still available for the end of season "fun run" at Brands.

MSVR are runing an end of season race for Monoposto cars on the Brands Indy circuit on Sunday 30 October.

Officially called the MSVR Mono Open, it is excellent value at £265 for 15 minutes of practice and 2x15minute races.

Traditionally, this has been a low key, relaxed end of season meeting where it's possible to make sure the car's perfect before laying it up for winter or to make sure you don't go rusty earlier than you need to. Or even to try that new acquisition which you are using to win next year's championship. Or to tempt that friend/offspring/parent/sibling into competing.

Entries are directly to MSVR, not the usual contact.

Further details from Tel: + (0) 1474 875207 Fax: + (0) 1474 874766

Other racing is the high-action FVee festival and the rreverent and semi-incomprehensible Victor Meldrew Trophy, a handicap event for talented drivers who, for one reason or another, never quite made it to the top of the sport. Sadly, not for single seaters or that would be something all Mono drivers could enter as well........

Have fun!


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