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Tiedeman Ramblings by Mark Smith

Donington Park in the middle of October, now there's a recipe for motor-racing masochism ! So, I wasn't surprised to arrive early Sunday morning, in the pouring rain, with no space available in the allocated garages. Within minutes, the ever cheerful Rachel had created a garage space – I'm pretty sure her and Ewan must be experts at Tetris.

From there on, the day just got better; the weather gods even smiled on us and produced some sunshine to confuse us all (not a problem for me, I just copy whatever tyres Neil Harrison puts on !)

The last Tiedeman event produced the best entry of the series, a very welcome 21 hardy souls racing on one of the best, in my humble opinion, tracks in the UK. Qualifying was wet, but everyone looked as though they were enjoying themselves, and team MGS were happy to have got rid of the misfire from Mallory – Oh well, have to think of another excuse, I suppose.

Although it looked as though we might have a major delay, when a lot of oil was dumped on the pit straight, the Donington marshals gave up their lunch break to carry out a fantastic clean-up operation, and our first race started on time. I didn't see much of the leaders, but we all had a good race at the friendly end of the grid. The second race was equally entertaining, the Donington national circuit always seems to produce good, close racing. Although we had a safety car period in both races, this didn't detract from the racing.

I had a chance to speak to a few spectators on the day, and they all said very complimentary things about Monoposto – 'good close racing', 'cars are beautifully prepared', 'looked as though you were all enjoying yourselves'. Just like to say thanks to everyone who has supported the Tiedeman Trophy this year, and congratulations to Geoff, Bryn and Len.

Hope to see you all back in 2017.

Mark Smith

(Mark called it ramblings. Asst Ed isn't always rude to contributors.)


The last flag of Mono's championships 2016

Random pictures

Ian Hughes forlornly inspects his car after coming in early from qualifying. Deb, Team Hughes's answer to Dietrich Mateschitz, but without the fizzy pop and much nicer and in fact nothing like Dietrich Mateschitz, passes encourging remarks. I am told "Wazzock" is an encouraging remark.   Pedants and bin enthusiasts will notice the superfluous apostrophe on a Donington bin. First of all, reading and indeed photgraphing bins is no comment on the other races because they really were good. However, I did notice at least 3 different styles of notice on the bins, all saying "Please use bins provided". How I want to be Head of Donington Bins.














Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover.