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JMT Mono Championship Round 15 &16
SNETTERTON 300 8&9 October 2016


The accepted wisdom is that 1400 Dallaras are quicker than Jedis. But  from 3rd on the grid behind Jeremy and Jason Timms, Richard Gittings put his Mk6 into the lead. “Normal service” was resumed after 3 laps when Jeremy assumed 1st. Andrew Gordon-Colebrook  passed Jason on lap 3. Jason then  dropped back to finish overall 7th, the rear left looking a litltle odd on the road. Canibalisation of Jeremy's car would see him starting on Sunday back to normal. All was looking well for Jeremy until a water pipe split on lap 7, and he spun at Oggies on his own water. All would have been well, but Phil Phil Davies was unable to avoid him. They tangled, both out. Jeremy wouldn’t recover for Sunday.  In Prost-like consistency, Richard Gittings put a series of 1.54’s in, which kept him well clear of his adversaries, and so he went into the lead on lap 7, to win overall by 22 seconds from Richard Moorcroft. Richard M had held second in class from lap 2 when Craig Hurran dropped back. Craig was also passed by Dan Levy for 3rd and Jon Reed for 4th. Ben McGhee's car seemed to be running wrongly.

Alex Fores qualified 1st in 1800, but Chris Lord, back in the trusty RF82 (moral: never sell your old racing car) led from the start for class victory. Doug McLay was out at Bombhole on lap 4. William Thorling was 3rd and a returning Jonathan Baggott. Geoff Fern won 1600 from Eddie Guest.


In the Sunday race, Richard Gittings had a lights to flag victory from Jason Timms by 13 seconds. Jason had a big off onto the grass at Oggies on lap 1 which let Andrew Gordon-Colebrook through. After dropping to 5th, he came through to 2nd by lap 5, where he stayed. This included a daring move over Richard Moorcroft around the outside of Coram.  Richard was overall 3rd , 2nd in class. Craig Hurran initially had the advantage over Dan Levy, but the latter caught and passed him at Riches, after a mighty race-long fight, on lap 6. All the more impressive as while Dan was chasing Craig, Jon Reed was right on his tail. He resumed the battle with Craig, for a noble 5th in class.

Alex Fores qualified on 1800 pole after a pitlane change to slicks in qualifying.  Chris Lord pipped him on lap 1, Alex regained the advantage on lap 4 but Chris’sengine went onto an audibly indeterminate number of cylinders less than 4 on lap 6. He finished 3rd, behind William Thorling. Geoff Fern took his customary 1600 first,  putting the aforesaid William under pressure for much of the race.

Tony Cotton

Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. .