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Chairman's Letter

As promised at the Silverstone Forum here is the first of a quarterly planned newsletter to keep you all informed as to what the board are doing on your behalf.

Dear Monoposto members (and non-members)

As a start I would like to congratulate all the championship winners of the 2016 season, some of them were decided some time ago but there were still a few in contention at Snetterton this last weekend which gave a great climax to the year. Well done to all that took part as well during the season, I think overall it was a good year for the competitors.

I would also like to thank those who attended the meeting at Silverstone, I personally found it useful, constructive and of benefit to have feedback from the members.

The notes from the meeting have been posted on Startline for some time so if you weren’t able to attend or wanted to refresh your memory they are there to be read.

I don’t plan to review all the items here but there are a few topics that I can bring you up to date with.

2017 Calendar

We now have MSVR's initial proposals for the 2017 calendar and on first viewing it looks promising. There is a little work for the Board to do before we provisionally publish it but will try and do that as soon as we can on Startline.

I think it has become common knowledge but it looks highly unlikely that we will be able to afford to go to Spa this next year especially with exchange rates moving as they have. As another consideration we are talking to Zandvoort to see if that is a viable alternative. Ewan and Jim Blockley raced there this summer and the feedback is very positive so if we can find a way of fitting it into the calendar and financially it might work then we will probably be trying to gauge interest from the members in the near future.

As regards the Tiedeman Trophy we have decided to move it back to a late Autumn / Winter Series with probably 3 rounds.. This year has not brought the numbers in we had hoped for but we anticipate that moving it back to how it was originally envisaged will reinvigorate it. We would appreciate thoughts on this if you have a different view.

Regulation Changes

Again as discussed at the Silverstone meeting, we have agreed to run a Formula Renault class for next year, this will be broadly in line with the current eligibility requirements for these cars although there is a little work to do on the regulations but we don’t expect any major changes but to help with this we have seconded two very experienced Formula Renault team leaders to make sure we manage any minor changes in an effective way so we can start next season without any major issues in this area.

We are also using the next few weeks to tidy up the regulations for the other classes as they have to be with the MSA shortly, there are a few minor changes that have been raised after the virtual rewrite from last year but we will publish them as soon as they are finalised.

Administration Support

Over the winter we are planning on recruiting a new paddock co-ordinator, at this stage I can’t say too much about it but I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ewan and Rachel for their outstanding work and picking up the role of Paddock Coordinator at short notice. I know that it has been highly appreciated by many.

Awards Dinner and AGM 4th February 2017

The Awards Dinner is the 4th February 2017 at the Staverton Park Hotel (as before), as usual we plan to hold the AGM in the afternoon so a great way to hear what is going on for the New Season. Booking forms will be with you shortly but in the meantime make a note in your diary.

Race Retro Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February 2017

Race Retro at Stoneleigh has been taken over by Clarion Events Ltd which has resulted in us having to move our stand slightly, we will still be in the same hall but we also believe in a more prominent position, but either way we are planning on being there as usual

My thanks to all who have supported Monoposto this year, I know that Terry Scannell our Clerk of Course has been very complimentary about driving standards and I would like to thank him again for all his hard work. I am hoping that he will continue to be our C of C next year.

Also Alistair our Scrutineer is moving on to a bigger role so next year looks like a period of transition. Alistair will still be giving us some support but at the end of the last race I was introduced to Kim who will be working with Alistair this next year. Hopefully we will have the opportunity talk more early in the season.

In the meantime there is still one more Tiedeman round to enter at the popular Donington Circuit plus an MSVR round at Brands Hatch.

I hope that you all enjoy the down time from racing and use the opportunity for all those fettling jobs that we tend to leave to the last minute!! It’s amazing how quickly the New Season come upon us!!

Thanks to all




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