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Autosport Show 2016

Thursday and Friday are the engineering days of the show where generally the attendees are participants of one sort or another, or at least very knowledgeable enthusiasts. Saturday and Sunday tend to be more "Fan" days. The real high point was undoubtedly the 7 Lotus 49s. The Williams highlight, trailed in the press, was ok, but definitely not as good as their 2016 tour de force.Whilst the traditional F1 "grid" was impressive, it's perhaps a mark of modern racing that the historics took centre stage. Single seaters other than F1 or historics were rare, whilst the number of gearbox manufacturers and brake manufacturers seems to get more very year.

Mono had a presence on Thursday (Jon Reed) and Friday (Terry Clark) courtesy of MSV. MSV had, of course, just leased Donington for 21 years which can only mean that this much loved track has a great future. It must be expected that the facilities will be moved onwards from state of the art (1977) to match other MSV circuits.

Each year, Motorsport in education, whether primary schools or Universities, seems to strengthen. Clearly, not everybody who gets involved will have a motorsport career, but if they're encouraged to look at engineering as a career, that can only be good.

As always, an enjoyable show, here are a few snaps of the things which caught the camera.

Greenpower electric cars are a range of vehicles schools (primary and secondary) construct, modify and race. This Ferarri lookalike has been successful and been invited to Indy and China. Girls are encouraged into engineering by these projects.   Shane Kelly of Wolverhampton University being interviewed - the other end of the STEM educational spectrum.   Staying with education, Oxford Brookes showed a VeeTwin constructed from scratch.   A 2013 Neil Brown Formula 3 engine project, presumably with the Dallara mounts built as part of the engine.
Monoposto cars weren't common, but Indespension showed a Speads inside their trailer.   This is close to a Monoposto Dallara....a Haas.   Reynard FF89 has 2 Mono; links - it's eligible and also is run by ex-champion Jonathan Lewis.   Portugese manufacturer Juno showed a tandem seater.
RF79 in Fernando Ribeiro's Jesus Saves livery, built, we think, by Mono's Dan Fox.   Williams showed their FW37 in a pit-style setting.   7 Lotus 49s, plus a couple of cut outs to represent the missing chassis, showed the development of one of the prettiest, most successful and long lived of F1 designs. Highlight of the show.   Amalgum make models. They are rather good. They are rather expensive.
Carbon Fibre vented brake disk and caliper for a GT3 Bentley. It was bigger than the truck racing disk next to it.   It's the Race Retro report when we nearly always show a pic of Barrie Williams. This is an early kart made by his Dad's engineering company. How they have changed.   This is a Tecno F4 car on Coys Auction. The body has not moved forward under sudden braking. The rear suspension is like a motor bike - the whole of the back of the car and engine pivots at the middle of the chassis. The brains were the Pederzani brothers.   A Gold Leaf covered Cadillac, allegedly owned by Liberace, the pianist of who makes Elton John seem like Leonard Cohen. What can one say?