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Race Retro, 24-26 February

The date clash with the far better financed and competing London show didn't bode well for Race Retro under its new organisers with Motor Sport magazine support. However, based on a Saturday visit it was well attended by real competiitors and knowledgable spectators rather than F1 couch potatoes. The friendly atmosphere was there, people had time to talk and it had a buzz. It also had an outdoor rally stage which stand duties meant we didn't visit. Our new spot (same hall) seemed to work well. The only downside I heard was that public car parking/entry was heavily criticised. Exhibitor parking also lacked practicality. But with those minor glitches capable of being sorted the new show looks successful and to be in good hands. I would like to see Crossthwaite and Gardiner back though.

As always there were some fascinating old cars (and some new ones). A highlight had to be the ex-Clark Lotus 33, though a 49 is always good to look at. The 6-wheel Tyrell shows why modern F1 isn't that interesting. Celebrity interviews and QA sessions on the MotorSport stage provided entertainment throughout the day, Tom Kristensen being a major interest. The club's stand was well attended by members old and current, and hopefully prospective. As always, there was genuine surprise from a lot of people who do not realise how accessible and reasonably priced our sort of racing - in the demilitarised zone between historic and current -can be.

Tony Cotton

Cars from Terry Clark, Ewen Sergison and Robbie Watts covered nuch of the Monoposto spectrum. We welcomed many faces old and new. How many can you recognise and/or name?    
  Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher raced with us in 2002.He has since raced a diesel MG ZS. His father's BB Special formula 4 hillclimb car was damaged in a garage fire and given to his mechanic Denis Bissell in 1964 to rebuild. The rebuild, now with Jeremy, is progressing nicely and should be finished some time this year. This trailer in Gulf colours seemed very inexpensive.
T89 Locost single seater is claimed on their website to be suitable for Monoposto. Closer inspection revealed a 750 style gearbox and diff. Certainly a novel design. Combine the shapely HB Viva Estate and an engine enhanced by Sir Jack and you get the Brabham Viva. Never had the cachet of a Boreham Escort, but anythimg Sir Jack was involved in must have something going for it. Morris O-Type gave a period delivery van feel on the Mintex/Questmead stand, slightly spoilt by Marina type wheels. Cognac special looked purposeful. Name comes from combining GN and AC parts in the 1920s
Eccentric designer Luigi Colani styled an F1 car based on a March 721 for German caravan maker Eiffeland. Note the periscope mirror (inset) in front of the driver. Not successful in its day. Colani went on to other "innovative" designs. Also unsuccessful for different reasons was the Cosworth 4WD designed by Robin Herd. Technically interesting, and ugly in a good way, it looked as though it could be made on a Machine Mart metal bender. The Jim Clark museum are custodians of this "time warp" Lotus 33 (R11) 1.5litre F1 car which Clark drove to victory many times in 1965 and which has been in a private collection for over 40 years. It is supposed to be restored but not raced. Hopefully this will be the case. Bentley Speed 8 won the LeMans race in 2003. It seems strange to think of it as historic. It was claimed to be a new design which happened to share many features with the Audi R8 LeMans car, which in turn had a major input from Dallara.
Times move on and this is a current Ginetta G57P2 which can be raced or used for track days. 1977 Warsteiner sponsored Toj. This one was DFV powered. Jorg Obermoser was the man behind them. An rally car. (Escort WRC) It's always good to look at engineering.

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