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Race Retro A quick look round the show, which was 2 weeks ago.

ROPS For completeness we repeat MSA guidance

Media Day Mark Smith reports from Brands, where the free breakfasts flowed like Milk and Honey

Post AGM Forum A summary of the post AGM presentations and comments

Team Cowell History Geoffrey recalls his competition career, 1957 to 2016

Autosport Show (2) A more serious side as Nigel Bland reports on the Sid Watkins safety lecture

Autosport Show A look round on Friday

MonoF3 Engine Regulations - Russ Giles takes a look at the options for the future.

Steve Griffin's Almanac Steven makes some ludicrous predictions fpr 2017. An orange twittermonkey as US president? Ridiculous.

Rollover Protetction Systems ("ROPS") in Monoposto. Some answers from the MSA .

Monoposto in 2017 A FURTHER revised summary of the races we plan to offer. MSVR's calendar has moved due to the whims of F1. Last change re Snetterton.

Awards Subjective and Objective Awards to be presented at the Dinner (You have booked, haven't you?)

Monoposto Racing Club Administrators Wanted

AGM & Dinner Another reminder of the AGM and Dinner, in case you've lost the email

Brands 30 October A reminder of an end of season fun race

Hand Signals Examples of good signalling at Donington with a "why and how" from Simon Davey

Parts Department Mark Smith blogs on Donington, and pictures of an apostrophe and Ian Hughes.

Tiedeman Trophy, Donington 16 October now with race 2.

Snetterton 8,9 October 1000,1400,1600,1800 Revised with extra drivel.

Chairman's Letter Eddie Guest summarises what's been going on

Formula Renault A new class is announced

Snetterton 9 October 2 litre Sunday

Snetterton 8 October 2 litre Saturday

Doug Woodhouse Doug's funeral is on 30 September.

Forum Notes of the meeting on 10 September

Silverstone GP 10 September 2016 Wet, but well behaved.

Croft 27 August 2016 Battle by a select few. Now with results link.

Donington 13 August 2016 2 litre classes

Donington 13 August 2016 1000,1400,1600,1800

Formula Renaulty Eligibility - A Statement From The Board

A Motor Show Picture Nothing to do with Mono, some 1970's celebrities

Spa Steven Griiffin gives his personal view of the best circuit in the world

F1 Names The Same Nothing to do with Mono, but some members may be interested in seeing some F1 worthies who share their name with other famous people.

Rockingham - Mark Smith gives some personal reflections. (Note that we welcome personal reflections - so if you can tell us what happened at Spa please email asst ed by clicking here.)

Spa The results, as far as the timing can be relied upon

Tiedeman Trophy, Rockingham 19 June 2016 Full report, no pics

Silverstone Moto 1000, Moto 1400, 1600, 1800 Another brief summary

Silverstone F3, 2000, Classic A summary rather than a report, now enhanced with the report of Ben Cater.

Piedrafita Clarification The Piedrafita rules are clarified.

Norman Hillwood

MRC is sad to announce the death of Norman, one of its founder members, at the age of 89. In his time he was a competitor, constructor, sponsor, mentor, award donor and major supporter of club racing, Monoposto and Formula Junior. The funeral date is Monday 6th June at 2 pm, Chiltern Crematorium, Whielden Lane, Amersham HP7 0ND. David Cox plans to attend on behalf of the Club.

Cadwell F3, 2000, Classic More reports of 2 good races

Tiedeman Trophy - Mark Smith previews the Tiedeman Trophy 2016 and suggests you join in.

Cadwell 1600 1800 Moto 1000 and Moto 1400 Tony Cotton reports on a good race and a nailbiter.

Meanwhile...... With no Mono races to watch, Norbert Pattingham looks at the lower echelons of F1

Oulton Park 1600, 1800, Moto1000, Moto1400 Sadly 10 minutes only

Oulton Park F3, 2000, Classic A damp day but 2 exciting races

Aldon Afternoon Without revealing the results, we report from Aldon Automotive's dyno on the tests of Piedrafita v Mono 3SGE.

Rainlights and FHRs An offer from Raceparts 4.3.16

Postcard From Race Retro If you weren't there here's a few highlights 28.2.16

A Letter From The Chairman A few comments on the new season by Eddie Guest 23.2.16

Autosport International It may be a late report but at least there's a Mono team in it.

2016 Preparations With the engine rebuild done, the respray complete and the new tyres mounted, it's time to make sure the safety requirements are met.

Matt Finish Matt Walters is interviewed by email. Our 1800 champion obviously enjoys his sport.

Robbie Watts tells all In (hopefully) the first of a series of articles from our champions, Robbie explains the level of effort necessary to win.

Almanac 2016 Steve Griffin tells us what will happen in 2016 1.1.16

Watches and Motorsport Steve Griffin explains the long history of watches in motorsport. 19.12.15

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Steve Griffin reports from the Gulf. Does this man never cease in his sacrifices for Startline? 5.12.15

The Annual Awards
Who won what? This list will tell you (subject to final confirmation). 24.11.15

Monoposto Branded Jacket These stylish, practical jackets allow you to show which club you race with while staying warm and dry. Not while racing though. They aren't Nomex. 22.11.15

The AGM and Dinner Dance is Coming! The social event of the year! Be there somewhere else less enjoyable. Everybody's gotta be somewhere. 21.11.15

Brands Winter Series Fun for a good turnout of Mono and friends at the popular Kent circuit. 21.11.15

Tiedeman Trophy Results The final outcome, showing round by round points

Donington Tiedeman Trophy Rounds 5 and 6 A glorious autumn afternoon followed heavy rain, which gave rise to interesting racing. 7.11.15

Club Sponsorship - Have you considered spending even more money on motor racing? 28.10.15

Frontal Head Restraints A reproduction of an MSA bulletin. If you don't have an FHR (colloquially a HANS device), you'll need one in 2016. 28.10.15

Freebie outings Mono members enjoyed in 2015 28.10.15

Parts Department at Oulton Short bits we couldn't or didn't fit into the report.15.10.15

Oulton Park International 10 October 2015 1600,1800, Dtec and Moto Another good end, especially if you happen to have several Moto engines for sale. Now with added video. 13.10.15

Oulton Park International 10 October 2015 2000 and Classic A good end to a good season.12.10.15

Mallory Park Tiedeman Trophy Rounds 2 and 3 26 September 12.10.15 A typical Mono day at Mallory - general happiness prevailed.

Donington 2000 and Classic 19/20 September 2015 9.10.15

Castle Combe Tiedeman Round 1 & 2 31 August 2015

Donington 1600 Moto Dtec and 1800 Nigel Bland reports

Brands Hatch GP Sunday 2000, Dtec, 1800 25.8.15 As our reporter was watching motorsport elsewhere we resort to a graph to explain the race.

Steven's Snippets Co-Ordinator Steven Connor tells us what really went on 24.8.15

Brands Hatch GP Saturday 2000, Dtec, 1800 23.8.15

Technical Update - Rain Lights 21.8.15

Brands Hatch GP Saturday Classic, Moto, 1600 21.8.15

Technical Update Technical Director Russ Giles outlines planned changes. 7.8.15

Barbecque - if you haven't booked here's a reminder 5.8.15

Snetterton Saturday 1600, 1800, DTec, Moto + A Classic 3.8.15

Snetterton Sunday 2000 and Classic 2.8.15

Snetterton Sunday 1600, 1800, Dtec and Moto Eddie Guest picks up the MacBook and reports. 27.7.15

Snetterton Saturday 2000 and Classic 26.7.15

Silverstone Grand Prix Sunday 14 June 2015 19.6.15

Silverstone Grand Prix Saturday 13 June 2015 15.6.15

Motor Cycle Engines A clarification

Cadwell Park 1600 and Moto 19 April 11.5.15

Normal service following Rachel's accident Despite Rachel's accident, the contact details are unchanged

Safety Cars Some comments from Steven Connor 2.5.15

Cadwell Park Sunday 19 April Classic, 1800, Dtec. Jim wins, Lou walks away - Ewen Sergison reports. 30.4.15

Cadwell Park 18 April Moto and 1600 Some interesting debuts and some old favourites. 30.4.15

Cadwell Park Saturday 18 April Classic, 1800, Dtec. More thrills - Ewen Sergison reports. 24.4.15

Cadwell Park Saturday 18 April Mono 2000. A close and exciting day. 21.4.15

Mono 2000 Chassis - the next generation. An announcement about the 305-307 generation.

Race Retro2 Second report with Rally cars and a miscellany. Please be polite with corrections.25.2.15

David Wall Ewen Sergison remembers the sometime MonoKent competitor, sometime hillclimb championship mechanic, long time Mallory Park instructor, Monoposto committee member and all-the-time good bloke. 10.2.15

Dave Wall

Those with a past in Mono will be saddened to learn that Dave Wall, sometime MonoKent competitor, sometime hillclimb championship mechanic, long time Mallory Park instructor, Monoposto committee member and all-the-time good bloke passed away today (2.2.15). More to follow.

Race Retro 1 First report from Stoneleigh 20.2.15

Simon Davey's retirement gift. The beautiful Andrew Kitson painting presented at Brands 18.2.15

RaceBook A relaunch of a way of recognising each other in the paddock 15.2.15

STEM Trophy The club announces a new trophy for teams from Universities and Colleges 15.2.15

Formula Renault Steven Connor explains the "no change - just join in" policy 14.2.15

Damper Dynamometer An account of a damper dynamometer, with some graphs to interpret 2.2.15

Agenda Minutes and Accounts The agenda for this year and minutes of last year's AGM are published in advance of the meeting with links to the accounts.24.1.15

WolverhamptonUniversity - a visit to the home of a new Student Team 19.1.15

HANS Posts Authoritative words of wisdom from Alister Poulter 19.1.15

Sponsorship From a few hundred pounds to several thousand, the club would welcome sponsorship to enable us to continue giving you what you want.15.1.15

Race Retro A brief preview and a ticket offer 14.1.15

Almanac Steve Griffin presents a view of 2015 with a motorsport bias. 1.1.15

Parts Department Recognition from the MSA, a caption competition and a petition 30.12.14

What's your number? Matching F1 numbers and Mono numbers. 29.12.14

AGM - A pictorial guide to the AGM 14.12.14

Race Retro A date for the diary 7.12.14

A weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Steven Griffin gives the inside story of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 30.11.14

Frontal Head Restraints (or HANS devices as everybody calls them). A series of links to technical pieces. Please read. 21.11.14

AGM & Dinner Dance Details and a booking form. 17.11.14

Awards Find out who won what, points based and subjective. 17.11.14

Walter Hayes Some hardy Mono members got wet but there was good racing to be had.

Meet the Administration Team Further news (and pictures) of Sporting Services Manager Steven connor and Membership and Race Entry Administrator, MAC's Rachel Lovett

Parts Department A simulator and trailer security.

Tiedeman Trophy, Snetterton 18 October 2014 Tony Cotton reports, though as he was driving he missed a lot

Appointment of Administrator & Sporting Services Manager Steven Connor is appointed

Castle Combe Tiedeman Trophy 4 October 2014 Lee Bennett reports

Races for your delectation

Administration - MRC Appoints the Midland Automobile Club for administration services

Don't forget to enter the Tiedeman Trophy!

Brands Hatch, 13 September 2014 2000 and Classic

Brands Hatch, 13 September 2014, 1600,1800,DTec, Moto. Guest writer Nigel Bland reports.

Dinner Dance, Prize Giving and AGM 14 February 2015- Get the date in your diary!

Where does Speed come from? Steven Griffin explains

The Parkinson Line....not at a Mono race. Possibly never again. DP drops a bombshell.

Silverstone Race 2 Tony Cotton reports from a field in Worcestershire. With more comments by drivers - and yet more would be welcome.

Silverstone Race 1 Amended slightly.

Oulton 2 litre Races 1 and 2 With added on the spot reports from 2 intrepid and respected competitiors.

Tiedeman Trophy Entry forms are now available for the club's end of season fun races, in memory of our founder - and you could win big money (well, 250) off next year's races. Date of R2 now corrected.

Overdue report from Oulton 1600, 1800, MM

Parts Department at Thruxton

Parts Department British GP Special Read it before we have to remove it

Spa We now have a proper report with words, sentences and paragraphs. Thanks to Simon Davey.

Mallory 20 July - A reminder

Spa Sunday If we don't get a reporter we'll keep on showing incomprehensible graphs

Spa, Saturday A quick look at the results and a graphical view of the race. Ideal for people who like both Monoposto Racing and Excel Spreadsheets

Baking Grand Prix Who won, who entered? Cakes with an ambrosial delight.

Thruxton Sunday Sara Catanzaro reports

Midsummer Roundup What's going on and what's about to happen. Don't be caught out.

Mallory Park, 20 July - Enter now for the first car meeting at the re-born Mallory to show your support - and have some fun at the same time!

Thruxton Saturday MM, DTec, 1800,1600 A very close race with lots of interest.

Thruxton Saturday 2 Litre Fast and thrilling with no known real nasties....

Thruxton - a couple of reminders

Rockingham MM, DTec, 1800,1600 Terry Bulundasteyer apologises that his report is a bit slow.

Rockingham 2 litre, Sunday

Looking ahead to Thruxton: The Baking Grand Prix and BBQ - Mono's Event of The Year

Monoposto Racing Club Future Management and Administration

Mon-ac-o-posto Jim Timms wanted to race at Monaco. So he did.

So, what's it like in Dubai? Steve Griffin gives us the facts - and a few opinions, and a few pictures.

Donington Sunday, Classic, DTec, 1800,1600 Probably better late than never.

Donington, Saturday and Sunday, 2000 and MonoMoto.

RaceBook Ever wondered who's who? Send us your pictures and you need never be confused again

Donington Saturday, Classic, DTec, 1800,1600 Tony Cotton reports

The Parkinson Donington David reports mainly from the 1600 "PC" paddock, but mentions lesser classes

Snetterton Sunday Some surprises at round 2 - Simon Davey with the news.

Darts at Donington Emma Cliffe trails the evening entertainment

The Parkinson Snetterton You've read the news, now hear the gossip

Snetterton Saturday Simon Davey reports from Norfolk's most scenic race circuit.

Market Place An introduction to a new "permanent" website area

Batteries Rob Manger has again offered Powervamp products at attractive prices

Belts For anybody who hasn't seen Dermot Healy's post on the forum, a unique bespoke belt service

Donington Test Simon Davey brings the news from a pleasant day out in Leicestershire.

Safety Thoughts A few accidents (mainly to the writer) might give a few hints as to what to avoid.

Mallory Testing A press release sets it out.

Monoposto Hospitality Can you improve on perfection? Emma Cliffe has plans.....

Race at Mallory A reminder of Simon's email, and information for anybody who hasn't seen the email. Plus testing news.

Records The records as t hey stand at the end of 2013

Race Retro The club's annual visit to the Stoneleigh Extravaganza

Mallory Park News of a reopening function on 1 March

Regulations Not complying is not a good idea, so best read them. Now with Tiedeman Trophy Regs.

Class Winner Interview - SUNBAC Nova Daryl Jones's path to the SUNBAC Nova Championship was rocky but rewarding

Drugs in Motorpsport The MSA may implement testing

Mallory Memories As Mallory Park prepares for its re-opening Nigel Bland recalls a wonderful FordSport meeting in 1973.

Thanks from Lenny Coleman You didn't think Lenny would disappear without thanking people did you?

Class winner interview - Ztec Marcus Sheard could be the sole winner of this class.

Goodwood for 110? And no fancy dress? Read on if interested.

Class winner interview Classic- Ben Cater won in his first full season with Mono. This is how...

Class winner interview - Moto Mono Jason Timms on winning the smallest capacity but, at the right track fastest, class

Race Retro 2014 21-23 February 2014 A date for the diary.

Class winner interview -1600 Adrian Heath's sense of humour is to the fore in his responses as he recalls a successful season.

Kilimanjaro for Myasthenia Graham Read is undertaking a challenge.

Class winner interview - 2000 Robbie Watts's past is fuller than we realised....and not all in single seaters.

Class winner interview - 1800 class victor Paul Britten gives an insight into his story

Olde Davey's Almanack Hear the wise words of Mono's sage in a seasonal roundup.

Parts Department Pictures which don't fit anywhere else.

Spa Open An opportunity from our friends in Belgium

The Awards - If you want to know who won what.....

2014 Preview If you haven't seen it on the main website, here it is

MSVR Snetterton Mono 300 Saturday report now with second race pictures.

AGM Saturday 15 February - an ideal "day after Valentine's day" celebration. More details here

Walter Hayes 2013 Some Mono involvement.

Tony Bodley David Wynne tells the story of Tony Bodley, 1960's builder of the BFM. with some very evocative photographs.

Tiedeman at Silverstone We were honoured to run Round 2 at BARC's Finals Day

200 for 2 hours? Yes, it's the Snetterton 300. A new race weekend to round off the year

Swansea Metropolitan Team manager Rachel Hogg tells the story of their year in Mono

Parts Department People we talked to at Donington, and a picture from Belgium

Tiedeman Trophy Round 1 - Donington

Rush Steven Griffin enjoyed the Lauda / Hunt drama

The Parkinson Snetterton Welcome to some drivers new to Mono, and some sad news

Snetterton MotoMono, 1600, Ztec, 1800. Saturday report.

Overall Results Top 3 in each class and a link to the full table

Snetterton 2 litre races, Saturday. A red flag is unusual these days - it kept the 2000 championship open

Baking Grand Prix It's the paddock event of the year. You do not get cakes of this quality in the F1 Paddock Club.

The Parkinson Silverstone DP gives his views on Silverstone, drivers' weights, and some rumours.

Silverstone Saturday 17 August

Silverstone Brief Summary Bullet points from Simon Davey

The Tiedeman Trophy - The Club announces an end of season series of 2 races at 2 popular central venues

How Good Is Your Rain Light A picture of 3 good ones...

Powervamp Batteries Special pricing offered by a former Mono champion

The Parkinson Line Castle Combe. David tells it like it is.

Castle Combe 2 litre Race 2.

Castle Combe 3 August MotoMono, 1600, 1800, ZTec, Race 2.

Castle Combe 2 litre Race 1.

Castle Combe 3 August MotoMono, 1600, 1800, ZTec, Race 1.

The Crossing Dax Ward describes an epic cycle ride

Frank Tiedeman - Bob Mitchell has contributed an obituary for our founder.

Oulton Park 20 July MotoMono, 1600, ZTec, 1800 race 2

Oulton Park 20 July 2litre race2. Now slightly amended to explain a mystery disappearance.

Oulton Park, 20 July Qualifying and race 1, Motomono, 1600,1800 More to follow

Oulton 20 July Hot, hot, hot. Q and 2 litre Race 1. Now with pictures of Nick's fire.

Frank Tiedeman 1920-2013 It is with great regret that we heard of the passing of Frank Tiedeman last week at the age of 93, following a recent fall from which he did not recover. Frank was the originator of the ideas that led to the Monoposto Racing Club, and can quite rightly be called the "Father of the Club". He was racing in Austin 7s and Historic Formula Juniors until recently.

Where are You in the Motorsport Spectrum? Steven Griffin's quiz will tell you.

Parts Department Where are they now?, What Mono people would do with an old aeroplane, F1 Aero, and spark plug prices

Spa Report Photographer / Journalist Andrew Cliffe tells the on track story of qualifying and 2 races from Spa

Spa Reflections Multi-award winning Steven Griffin gives his impressions of Spa and its environs

Spatterings Simon Davey gives not a race report.

The Parkinson Line David gives the news from Brands Indy.

Brands Indy Sunday Simon Davey gives the low down

Brands Indy Saturday 2000 & Classic Tony Cotton reports now with added pictures and quotes. It's much better now.

Brands Indy Saturday Moto Mono, 1600, 1800, Ztec Tony Cotton reports

Brands GP Sunday A report by Simon Davey.

Spa Log Book If you're doing Spa this pdf tells you where to go, what do do, and vitally the labels you need on your kit. They really mean it.

Brands Saturday Now its Watts & Wrights turn, on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit!

The Parkinson Line Our columnist tells of his Brands excitement

From Behind the Wheel 2 famous personalities give their views on their races. And a Bingo game.

Modense Group Monarch of Brands Points The Brands based "mini-series" within the championship

Points after Brands GP

Donington Sunday Simon Davey reports. This is not a rehearsal. This is Life. This is Leicestershire.This is Monoposto.

The Parkinson Line BBC post race analysis is provided by David Coulthard. Startline has David Parkinson. Startline 1, BBC 0.

Donington Saturday Simon Davey reports.

Seasonal Preview / Donington Testing Simon Davey had his eagle eye on the track on Thursday 11 April. Now with a plethora of beautiful photographs showing beautiful cars and, er, Monoposto drivers.

Heroes From Jim Clark to Philip Larkin. Who else could write this piece but Steven Griffin.

Napier Deltic David Taylor's reminiscences have proven very popular. Here he gives the history - public and personal - of the incredible Deltic

Parts Department Spa Aerodrome, Who Is Bobby Deerfield?, STEM ambassadors, and pictures of 2 hot cars.

Howard Strawford A belated tribute to the man who saved Castle Combe

Race Retro 2013 Friday was a busy and popular day. A show report with captions which wander about a bit..

Key Information How to enter, how we can help, how to be flexible

The Napier Nomad David Taylor talks about an engine you may not have heard of: a 5000hp diesel aircraft engine.

Autosport Show Part 2 of our report. Tony Cotton was still confused but decided he was enjoying himself anyway.

2013 Preview Award winning columnist Steven Griffin sent this forecast from an alternative universe. Complete rubbish redeemed by a big picture of Suzi Perry.

Autosport Show Part 1 of our report. Tony Cotton was confused.

AGM and Dinner Dance A reminder, plus the agenda and the annual accounts.

From Monoposto to F1 First ever Mono Race entrant David Taylor joined us at Oulton. Here he tells of running a couple of 2 year old F1 cars.

And Now for Something Completely Different An invitation from Brighton & Hove Motor Club, if you fancy a speed event



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