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A Reader Writes:

Driftwood McLurg Deerfield

Mr AB from C writes:

"I have noticed a remarkable resemblance between the internet advertisement postings of Monoposto's Mr B Deerfield and Uphill Racers' Driftwood. Could they perhaps be related?

I think we should be told."

Coincidentally, Mr DH of AuL writes: "I thought he was just SO wonderful when playing the Queen that surely we can forgive him anything. He will deny he is Helen Mirren but I know the truth."

Kevan McLurg was available for comment but we had a deadline so didn't bother to speak to him.

(Kevan, I am just joking.)


Helen Mirren played The Queen, twice. Who would have thought it?


There may just be time to slip in an entry for the world's greatest circuit. When I last spoke to Simon he told me that rthere were only 4 or so places left, with some non-members asking for a place. So if you wish to compete at the worlds greatest circuit, click here and download the entry form now.

Also Spa related, we were disappointed to read that the Aerodrome at Spa has been closed by the local council, but unfortunately can't understand why as Google Translate wasn't helpful. Spa aerodrome has a thriving skydiving centre and has 2 rather interesting if now slightly tatty military jets at the entrance. If you wish to help keep Spa with all its facilities, click here for the petition.

Spa aerodrome, top left, and its 2 retired jets, a Republic RF84 Thunderstreak (above) and Dassault Mirage V (left). Didn't Patrick Huston used to run an RF84?



STEM AMBASSADORS (with a small rant)

Do you have some available time? Do you like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths? (STEM subjects?) Have you a clean criminal record? For the 3 people still reading, let me explain. I was talking a few years ago to a head of science at a local school. The subject got round to racing cars and I was asked if I would show mine to the students. In due course, the deal developed into a couple of science days run by the Institute of Physics and the Royal Aeronautical Society where I showed the Dallara and explained on the first how its safety features and crash protection worked (exhibit B, one split gearbox casing) and on the second what keeps it attached to the ground.

In the course of this, I became a STEM Ambassador where the idea is we explain to students why STEM subjects are essential to the future, and can result in people enjoying going to work. As somebody who has wasted an entire life in accountacy, I can speak to that subject with passion.

As I experienced them, the STEM activities are both interesting, challenging and good fun. It's very satisfying to see teenagers stimulated by these subjects. For example, when one girl came up with an innovative, unseen in F1, way to reduce drag and increase downforce (albeit illegal) I felt that engineering and science has a good future.

One of the reasons I'm very keen on this scheme is that I heard 3 times in one week last year (at business / accountancy functions) that the country needs more engineers, and there's only one way to get them: grow our own. As I drive to work I pass 3 large, leading edge aerospace companies (one makes flap actuators so I suppose that's trailing edge) and a site for a new car engine plant. Too right we need engineers. And we also need to re-educate the press. At around the same time I heard a "Times and Telegraph columnist" named James Delingpole on the radio. Clearly a man who has never done a day's serious work in his life, he opined that "proper" universities should be kept for the Classics and Arts, and that "second division" universities could teach "degrees like Machine Tooling". Truly, he deserves to be hit. Ideally with a machine tool.

If you think you could help, (as a STEM ambassador, not with hitting James Delingpole) gives a lot more information. And of course, it is an opportunity to show people that running good looking proper racing cars is not just for the super-rich and that motorsport can be a positive influence.


Thanks to Facebook, many will have seen 2000 class stalwart Kevin Mason's new mount for weekends when there isn't a Mono round: an 06 Lola Formula Nippon with an Ilmor Chevy V8 Indycar type engine. He's using it in BOSS, and it is shown right.

No Lolas were hurt in the production of this item.



We are indebted to Andrew Cliffe for drawing our attention to this Classic and Sportscar photo of former Mono Classic Reynard peddler Andrew Woolley in his Messerschmitt. Tristan Cliffe says that Andrew was only doing about 5mph, but is exceptionally brave to lift a wheel. This website believes that this is an early development vehicle for a Mercedes F1 copy of the DeltaWing. Some Messerschmitt bubble cars had 4 wheels.


We are grateful to the fiance of an occassional Startline contributor for this photograph.



Tony Cotton

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