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Wright on to victory, Watts up the order.

St Cross Electronics Monoposto Championship Round 6 Brands Hatch Indy. 2 June 2013

Mono Moto/1800/Ztec/1600 Qualification

With a £500 Monarch of Brands prize in his sights Adrian Wright really meant business as the field came out to qualify on a very bright and warm Sunday morning. He was into the 46’s on his second flying lap and by lap 8 was six tenths under Marc Fortune’s lap record. Jason Timms, Geoff Fern and Chris Scott struggled to match that pace, but they finished the session all grouped around the 48 second mark – promising a tight race between these three at least.

In Mono 1800 John Whitbourn was again just clear of Paul Britten, with Julian Hoskins next along in the Ztec Vector, but Mat Jordan had a good run to be next up and best Mono 1600 in the refettled Fern Van Diemen. Luke Rosewell was three tenths adrift of this pole mark for 1600s, and then suffered a broken throttle cable in the qualifying session for Champion of Brands which caused a small panic as time was tight before his Mono race. Adrian Heath took the third 1600 qualifying spot ahead of Dave Parkinson.

Mono Moto/1800/Ztec/1600 Race

The race saw a breezy, warm afternoon, thankfully without any of the wet/dry drama that has plagued this part of the Mono entry so far this year. From the start the Mono Moto order was Adrian Wright (with a good start for once), Geoff Fern, Jason Timms, Chris Scott and Nigel Davers – and this order was maintained to the finish despite some very quick times, and Wright lapping everyone in the field up to 5th in the process of setting a new lap record just shy of the 46 second mark.

Similarly behind the leading Motos, the Mono 1800 duo of John Whitbourn and Paul Britten circulated for the whole race separated by a shortish piece of string, followed up by Julian Hoskins in the lead Mono Ztec. Behind him Marcus Sheard and Douglas McLay enjoyed a good dice in their confusingly similar cars, with Sheard eventually opening up a more convincing gap to take second Ztec.

Mono 1600 was a little more tense. Matt Jordan was determined to claim a strong result having been thwarted on Saturday, and lead from a hard-trying Luke Rosewell. Rosewell did manage to close on Jordan midrace but Matt held on for an excellent class win. Behind these two David Parkinson held third initially, just clear of Adrian Heath who had a moment on lap 2 and dropped to the back. This left Parkie to spend several laps dicing with Peter Bassill’s Mono 1800, while Heath found a way past the Venor/Guest Lola duo and closed on right up on Parkie by lap 16, who held on well to third place.

Adrian Wright’s performances over the two races did indeed mean that he could not be overtaken by any of the 2 litre contenders for the overall Modense Group Monarch of Brands title, and he duly collected both the trophy and a cheque for £500. The other “Monarchs” from this grid were John Whitbourn in Mono 1800, Julian Hoskins in Ztec and Luke Roswell in Mono 1600. Nigel Davers took his second Driver of the Day award as he continues to come to grips with the Jedi.

Mono 2000/Mono Classic 2000 Qualification

Overnight all the 2 litre cars that had suffered various mishaps on Saturday had been refettled, and a very impressive grid filed out for Sunday’s qualifying. David Gambling and Dave Gillett together with their respective teams probably had the most work to do, each needing to replace corners plus more, and reset up their respective cars: a good effort by both to get out again. The Topmarx team also had the floor to fix so that Amnon Needham could take over Steve Patania’s Dallara for Sunday.

As qualifying got underway Robbie Watts headed the sheets, obviously wanting to make up for his Saturday disappointment. He was followed initially by Malcolm Scott, but then Amnon Needham got going and moved up to second, ahead of Kevan McLurg and Adrian Holey as Scott slipped to 5th, three tenths ahead of Tony Bishop. It was a very competitive field with everyone in the top 8 inside the 47 second mark or better. Early sensation was Monoposto newcomer Charles Adrian in his Mono Classic Van Diemen who was in the top three overall for the first few laps, before the rest of the Classics got their act together and overhauled him; with Ben Cater, Daryl Jones and Ollie Sirrell ending up as the top three class qualifiers.

Mono 2000/Mono Classic 2000 Race

Off the line Robbie Watts took a lead he was not to lose, gradually extending his advantage through the race eventually finishing a comfortable 7 seconds ahead of Saturday winner Kevan McLurg. He, however did not have an easy time with Amnon Needham never more than half a second behind, and often closer. Despite his best efforts Needham couldn’t find a way past and had to settle for third, despite a little smoke appearing from the McLurg Dallara towards the end.

While all this was happening Daryl Jones took the Classic lead from Ben Cater, with a fast-starting Kevin Mason (from a lowly grid spot) initially between them, and then ahead of both. This meant that Cater could apply heavy pressure to Jones and he was past and into the class lead on lap 5. Behind him a high speed Classic train of Jones, Kevin Otway, Jared Wood and Ollie Sirrell lapped relentlessly quickly for pretty much the whole race. The relatively inexperienced Jones did well to hold his class second place in such competitive company and further extended his SUNBAC Nova points lead in the process.

Just ahead of this lead Classic group there was tight cluster of Mono 2000 cars: Adrian Holey, Tony Bishop, Russ Giles and Malcolm Scott engaged in a tense dispute for the places from 4th to 7th. The chief unfortunate here was Bishop who had a moment around lap 15 and dropped almost to the back of the field, getting involved with an interesting section involving Terry Clark, Alistair Bell, Dave Gillett, Charles Adrian and Jim Timms . Bell was starting to really get to grips with his Reynard, and Gillett had taken enough places to win a well-deserved Driver of the Day award. However the evergreen Jim Timms had enjoyed an excellent third in his Historic F3 car the previous weekend in France and was perhaps still basking in this glory. So Watts and Cater took their respective wins, as well as each gaining a Monarch of Brands Trophy, and in Cater’s case, a new lap record to boot. Adrian Wright was long gone with the £500 though…

Simon Davey, words and pictures

Bling from a different angle

Ztec runner Julian Hoskins



The Fernery

Mono Newcomer Charles Adrian

Mike Hatton's ex-Topmarx Vauxhall with trick rear wing

Hello Jase, got a new motor?

Cool Eddie

Nick Harrison presents the Modense Monarch of Brands trophy and cheque to Adrian Wright and his team manager