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The Parkinson Brands Hatch 1-2 June2013

I was looking forward to the Brands Indy meeting, not because I like the circuit, which is obviously not as good as the GP but because I had a torrid time at the first Brands outing. I missed third gear more than I got it and the engine kept cutting out when accelerating hard. Ewen wasn’t at either of the Brands meetings due to other commitments but he soon sorted the problems out when the car was delivered to his workshop. The coil was the problem with the engine which was soon fixed whilst the gearbox was simply the result of worn gears and dog rings. It’s funny but I got the gears when I bought the car fifteen years or so ago and must confess I stopped looking for wear after the first ten years so it was a surprise to have this pointed out to me. We changed the bad gears for better ones and I am sourcing dog rings at the moment. If anyone has got a 25.26 or a 25.27 for a Mark 9 gearbox, let me know. I’ve already been on to Dermot and Tony Wilson. Ewen also discovered that one of the wishbones was bent meaning that one wheel was scarcely touching the floor so a new one was fitted. Stuff the expense, the dog needed to go on a diet anyway.

So back to Brands with an engine that worked and gears that changed and feeling confident. The gears worked ok as did the engine but the driver had two days off and I finished up with a third and a fourth exactly the same as the previous Brands. If I don’t do better in future then I’m going to sack myself.

I’ve talked with Paul Britten more this year than previously and discovered that he has quite a dry sense of humour. On the Sunday of the last weekend he was sat in his car when the marshal gave the signal to start engines ready for going out. Then the front of the grid cars started moving but not Paul until one of his team came strolling through into the assembly area carrying his helmet.

I did meet our newest member, one Charlie Adrian, who drives an RF93 in the Classic class. He did quite well, I believe, though possibly expected as he’s raced with a different club for many years and is well known to Simon, Malcolm Scott etc who have also raced with the aforesaid mob.

I haven’t much else to say as nobody did anything stupid, exciting or noteworthy, that I heard of, and Tony or Simon compile very good race reports to cover the actual on track performances.

Michael Dale, Royale RP24, 1980, Cadwell Park. Nice trousers.

I have included a picture of Michael Dale, as it happens, which might interest the historians among us. The picture was taken at Cadwell Park in 1980, when our boy was just 37 years old, with his Royale RP24 which was, I believe, his second car. The little git doesn’t look that much older now.

I did have a further picture but it’s on my latest phone and I can’t download it as the cable for the old one doesn’t fit although the makers are the same. This picture was taken when myself and Michael went down to pick up all the bits required for his car from URS near Snetterton.

A week later and the good news is that Ewen has got all the mechanical work finished other than a final spanner check. He also has to spray and fit all the bodywork prior to a test at Blyton to ensure everything is OK.

The good news is that Michael will be racing at Oulton, all being well, which I’m pleased about as although he came to Donnington and the two Brands meetings to help me he’s not much of a mechanic.

The other good news is that Ewen has entered as has Mat Walters. Jock will not be racing but he’s coming along to spectate. Jock is not racing this year as he’s building up yet another aged 1600 to compete in next year.

Finally, a word of warning, regarding Ewen, who has once again been talked into having a funny hair cut for charity. You will possibly remember the Mr T cut he had previously whilst this time he’s going for a 3” Afro. He’s only half way there at the moment but he might have trouble getting his helmet on at Oulton.


David Parkinson




"The dog needs to go on a diet"

"The cable for my old phone doesn’t fit the new one"

Simulation of Ewen's Afro, courtesy of his Facebook.