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The Parkinson Brands Hatch 11/12 May 2013

I did intend doing another sort of gossip column on the lines of the Donington report but unfortunately never really got round to it. This was mainly due to Saturday car problems and on Sunday, back problems that the Saturday was responsible for. If the rules were changed so that minimum ride height was increased from 40mm to 1500mm it would make the cars so much easier to work on.

But the car was only one of the problems. When I came to use the quick lift jack I found the rubber wheel had gone missing as had the washer thing that holds the bolt in. My drill

also refused to work which I really missed when returning to the paddock to change onto wets for the Sunday race. Sixteen nuts off and then back on is a pain. Unfortunately my pal Michael was in the assembly area when I left to change the wheels but due to his knee and his legs is not that fast on his feet so was only able to help with the two rears. I did offer him my bike earlier but he rejected it because he couldn’t reach the pedals and he’s not used to two wheelers without stabilizers. When I unloaded on Monday the drill worked perfectly.

A race car with a reasonable ride height

Because I was late back I had to start from the pit lane. In fifteen years with Mono I think that was the first time I’ve had to do that though I quite enjoyed it. It was quite unusual passing so many people.

At some stage in the proceedings the side door on my Transit hit a tyre or something when being opened and the bottom slider got derailed. Thanks to Peter Bassill for having the correct star spanner to enable me to solve the problem.

The final item that went wrong was that my petrol/oil dipstick got broken. This is a very technical piece of dowel that I have marked at one end for petrol and the other for oil.

This useful educational YouTubeclip could explain why Adie's trophy was smaller than Luke's

I was pleased for Adie Heath on Sunday when he got his first win in the premier class but his trophy was smaller than the one Luke received for his win on the Saturday which was the same as the Donnington ones.

I apologise to Anne Guest, wife of Eddie, who supplied us with coffee over the weekend, as I kept calling her Mary. Senility is definitely setting in. The Guest motor home was a new acquisition for this year and in spite of many drivers complaining about the space they take in the paddock I think everyone should have one. Just keep the coffee coming.

I did have a chat with Jonathan Greenwood who was making a guest appearance in his very smart 1600 Dulon MP15. He was telling me that he was racing with Simon Davey some weeks ago at a classic or historic meeting and didn’t need that much persuasion to have a crack at the GP circuit when Simon suggested it.
I also had a chat with Mary Whittaker who was racing an RF82 Pinto engined Van Diemen. She seems a very nice lady and it will be nice to see her again at the next Brands meeting.

Finally, on Sunday after reading the Saturday timetable by mistake Michael and I went off for a casual breakfast. When we got back the last of the cars in our grid was just leaving for the assembly area for qualifying. I’ve never changed so quickly in my life but confess I went out without the proper socks or T shirt.

David Parkinson