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Red Bull have the RedBulletin. The mighty Kevan McLurg Racing Organisation has, er, an email which Kevan sends out. As it is very lively (even in the legally adjusted version we set out below) we have asked permission to publish it.

10/11 May Brands GP Circuit Race Weekend Report - Kevan McLurg

Following the 3rd place at the Donington Park round 2 weeks earlier I was looking for another podium place at Brands. Zero budget meant no testing on the Friday and straight into qualifying on Saturday morning.

P5 on the grid was not as high as I should have been but the gearing was out and was evident by hitting the rev limiter in 5th on the back straight and the start finish line run up into paddock bend. After mentally analysing the practise session 3rd, 4th and 5th gears were changed for the race. I made a good start from P5 and into Paddock went around the outside to be 3rd and on the run into Druids Hairpin went around the outside of 2nd place to drop down into Graham Hill left hander to maintain 2nd place to chase after the leader who constantly pulled away from me over the next 3 laps.

After 7 laps we were lapping the back of the grid guys and some of them didn't see me in their mirrors - there was a close shave at Dingle Dell which in the heat of the race led to the driver getting my gesticulating hand out of the cockpit!

The leader suddenly was in my sights as he had been baulked and was now in spitting distance of me when on the 10th and last lap into Paddock the motor suddenly stopped pulling- Tourettes moment! Dip the clutch, engine revved up and off I went again racing around the back hoping to stay ahead of the 3rd place man when it happened again coming out of Stirlings on the run to Clearways. More Tourrettes, dip the clutch, rev the motor which is now nearly in "limp" mode coasting to the line to claim 2nd place

After the race I pumped out less than half a litre of fuel and had calculated 0.8 litres of fuel per lap for 12 laps when in fact I needed 1 litre! I also did some more analyising of lap times and gearing as I was now hitting the rev limiter in 4th gear. On Sunday morning I changed 4th gear for qualifying. P4 on the grid but now hitting the rev limiter again in 5th so I changed this gear for the race.

The start was not as good as the previous day but 5th into paddock and a bit of shuffling allowed me to dart into 3rd at Druids and off I went with the pack on my tail. The 3rd place man harrassed me out of Clearways along the straight into paddock but I hugged the pit wall line up to Paddock and he opted for the top line to try to outbrake at this corner!! I exited Paddock with 3-4 car lengths on him and out of Druids he stopped and then the new 3rd place man was then hounding me for the rest of the race and we crossed the line half a second apart - and I am on the podium 3 times of out the 3 races I have contested.

Lap times came down over the weekend from 1.31 to 1.29 and 1 28 is on the board next time out! Robbie Watts consistently had the

edge over us all with his lap times and I believe lowered the record. Although I am not contesting the championship I am currently 4th with very few points between 2nd and 4th. (come on Kevan, come and fight for it - there's life above Watford you know...asst ed)

Mr McLurg's kitchen, yesterday

Next round 1/2 June Brands Indy circuit and the dilemna of do I buy new tyres (well we know the answer) the question is can I afford new tyres!!??

Donations gratefully received.

Kevan McLurg



We have been sent a very spectacular mid-incident shot of Daryl Jones 2 litre mishap. We are informed that Daryl was ok. The FVL was very poorly but is receiving some transplant surgery. Sympathy to Daryl.


Jonathan Baggott was winner of the 1800 class on Saturday. We understand this is his first win. This the True English Gentleman equivalent of a Vettel celebration.

On the other hand we haven't asked permission at all from Peter Basill for this which we've copied off the forum.

10 and a bit of 11 May Brands GP Circuit Race Weekend Report - Peter Basill

The morning started off with a lovely sunrise and the day looked set to be a beautiful day but that did not last.

Qualifying was a close run thing with only a couple of seconds between the five racers. Jonathan Greenwoods simply stunning Dulon MP15 took the lead of the group with a best time of 1:51.119 with the very steady Eddie Guest hard on his heels at 1:52.104. Very close behind was Mary Whittaker in her Diemen RF82 with a time of 1:52.144. Next up is the suprise to the group with Joe Vennor putting in a faster time than Peter Bassill. Joe in the Lola T664E clocked in at 1:53.837 ahead of Peter in the Ray 98Z at 1:54.610.

Come race time the big debate was tyre strategy. With a quickly drying track, the correct tyre choice was key. After long converstation with paddock partner Joe, Peter switched to wets as did everyone else in the group apart from Eddie who came out on wets. Arriving in the assembly area, there was all three tyre choices present, slick, intermediates and wets but who would prove to be right was yet to become obvious.

Lined up on the grid, the lights went out and the start proved exciting. Peter jumped up past Joe and Mary to challenge Eddie only to mis-judge the line and fall back to last.

After some excellent defensive driving, Peter slipped past Joe at Hawthorn and was treated to a beautiful firework display from Joes engine dragon. A challenge on Mary was attempted only to be deterred by Mary's secret weapon, a fire breathing dragon sat onto of the gearbox (in collusion with Joe?? No mention of dragons in the Blue Book). Peter put in a solid challenge on Mary at Pilgrims Drop taking advantage of Mary's backfire issues to catch up with Eddie.

The battle between Eddie and Peter was close and hard fought with Peter finally finding the courage put to in a rather late challenge on the approach to paddock hill, taking the outside line and staying fully committed. Peter held Eddie off but following a complete logic failure coming into surtes where Peter selected 1st instead of third Eddie as able to close to less than a hairs length and stayed there until the end of the race.

During the race, nothing was seen of Jonathan or Unicorns. Did he race well or go off? Everything was clear when seeing the timing sheet. Jonathan pulled a 23.4 second lead from the rest of the pack putting in a fantastic drive.

Now what did Sunday bring? We hoped for better weather.Oh what a Sunday.

Qualifying was a mixed bag with Mat Jordan leading the way in the RF89 in at 1:47.850 chased very closely by Eddie Guest in the Lola T640 at 1:48.040. Next up was a surprise as Peter Bassill came in at 1:48.626, a personal best for the GP circuit despite entering Druids at twice the normal speed and spinning with no style at all (The judges award 1.0, 1.1, 1.1, 1.0 on style and technique). Jonathan Greenwood set a time of 1:51.630 in the still extremely sexy Dulon MP15 and bring up the tail of the group was Joe Venor in the T644E at 1:56.192.
Back in the paddock Joe got busy sorting a grounding out issue, solved simply by bringing the nose up by 2mm while Peter investigated a "breaking issue". On close inspection the left outer pad had vanished and only the backing plate remained.

More to follow..

(PS Peter - all contributions are always welcome.)


And finally....Andrew Cliffe (to whom our debt constantly increases) has sent in this game of driver complaint bingo. The support team mark off the complaints when the driver comes in, 5 in a row gets BINGO.



Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. Subheadlines and captions are not originated from the named author. We are unable to reproduce results due to copyright reasons. If any pictures are copyright and the owner wishes them removed please email us.