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St Cross Electronics Monoposto Championship Round 8 Oulton Park. 13 July2013
MotoMono, 1600, 1800 and ZTec

Race 4 - MotoMono, 1600, 1800 and ZTec

With Chris Woodhouse, Adrian Wright, Stephen Brooks and Christian parker having departed, Dax Ward and Dan Levy riding across the country on mountain bikes (story to follow) the moto Mono grid was looking reduced. It looked as though the race was settled after a lap when Dan Clowes came round over 4 seconds in the lead. But then his engine went. The word was that the head had a problem. Jason Timms took over the lead and initially had a 5 second lead over Geoff Fern, but Geoff got the bit between his teeth and started chasing. Jason upped his game and the laps got faster until from a 1.45 start they were doing 1.41's at the end. Jason kept ahead but only by half a second. Exciting stufF.

Tony Gauntlet runs number 27, so I think he must have some of the Gilles Villeneuve DNA in him, because he was up to 3rd at the start of the race, directly behind Jason. Geoff overhauled him, and he fell back a little, but a podium at your first meeting can't be bad. I know the BBC tennis man is in trouble for talking aesthetics, so I ought to keep quiet, but I won't. It would, I hope, be fair to describe Tony's Jedi as effective but slightly sub-concourse. The 4th man, Craig Hurran, runs a Jedi that glistens. Starting 7th, he made his way past Paul Britten and Ewan Sergison to finish 6 seconds behind Geoff. From a lowly 20th in qualification, Mike Reed came through the field - mainly in a very productive third lap - to take 7th overall, 5th in class. Since Jon Reed's after valve guides on the internet, I can only assume that his engine was running less than optimally. Len Turner came in 6th, having fun in the 16/1800's.

Ewan Sergsion Matt Walters Craig Curran

If anybody but Ewan Sergison had won the 1800s it would have been a major surprise. With a fastest lap slower than his record, Ewan was rarely out of Paul Britten's sights, Paul coming in 2 seconds behind for the second step. Marcus Sheard and Luke Rosewell took wins in ZTec and 1600, Marcus without too much challenge, but Luke was pressed initially by David Parkinson who fell away in the later stages but kept second. Third in 1600 was part of a long "class struggle" between Prajesh Shah (3rd in class) and Adrian Heath (4th) in Fern FVJs, who mixed it with Len Turner and Douglas McLay, Doug coming in second in ZTec. After being part of the fight on the forst lap, Steven Griffin became a bit aloof and drove round mainly on his own, with no engine cover and an eye on the temperature guage, to take the final step on the 1800 podium. Eddie Guest and Matt Walters were mostly another "lone workers" for 5th and 6th in 1600, whilst Peter Bassill and Joe Venor proved that you don't need to be at the sharp end to have a close and exciting race.

Michael Dale began fighting with team mate DP, in fact I hung out the "Multi 21" board from the spectatoir area, but approaching Cascades on lap 5 Michael mysteriously slowed and was out.

Luke Rosewell Peter Bassill and Joe Venor ran wheel to wheel... wheel, to wheel.

Tony Cotton

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Steven Griffin, David Parkinson and Michael Dale and Douglas McLayDavid ParkinsonNo engine cover on Tony Gauntlet.......Adrian Heath..........or Steven Griffin. It was hot.

Another lap and.....Jason and Geoff