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The Parkinson Castle Combe 3 August 2013

What can one say. On the negative side there is no power, the facilities are poor and it’s a long way for us northern boys. I like the circuit but then again I like all the circuits particularly those we haven’t been to for a while. The reason I joined Monoposto, apart from being able to run wings etc, was the different circuits visited. To me it’s a tragedy that we no longer visit Croft and Anglesey and from what I gather we will never go to Cadwell again which in my opinion is the best circuit in the UK.

Back to Combe. As I hadn’t been for six years I tested on the Thursday afternoon and found that I was over geared so changed the gearing and made an error somewhere as on Saturday I discovered I was under geared. So I just drove round and lifted off down the start/finish straight to get a points finish.

In the briefing at midday our COC requested that our teams get tyres, jacks etc into the assembly area so that if the rain started it would not delay the time table. I normally say nothing in these briefings as all I want to do is get out but I had to speak up on the teams business which prompted the question, “How many drivers don’t have a team?”. I think he was quite surprised when eighty per cent of the drivers raised their hands. All that happened was that every race thereafter was declared a wet race whether it was dry or not. You can’t win them all.

I kept my slicks on as when we lined up it was dry, or it was until we drove onto the circuit when it poured down. I completed the first green flag lap and decided that if it stopped raining during the second warm up lap I would stay out. It didn’t so I didn’t.

Although he is one of my main competitors this year I was very pleased for Adie Heath who was delighted after picking up a double win and also very disappointed for Mat Jordan who in the two litre race, after getting pole, threw it that far into the cornfield the car could hardly be seen. Reminiscent of Jim Timms at Croft some years back. Geoff Fern should be congratulated for getting drivers into Mono. He should also be congratulated for picking such nice guys.

The one man I was particularly delighted for was Joe Venor who picked up a third place and a trophy, which I believe is the first one he’s ever won with Mono. He’s such a nice unassuming fellow I was really pleased for him.

David Parkinson


Adie Heath and Joe Venor - successful on the track and 2 nice guys

Mat Jordan's 2014 car, seen in testing, yesterday

“How many drivers don’t have a team?”