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St Cross Electronics Monoposto Championship Round 10 Castle Combe. 3 August 2013
2000 and Classic


The good news was that there was no real decision to be made - the track was so wet, the grooved tyres were needed. That was also the bad news. It was very wet. Everybody lined up on wets, and the start was as clean as it could be. Best result off the line was Charles Adrian, who moved left and just drove up the grid, though something must have gone wrong as he came past last and drove into the paddock on lap 4.

All on wets, and all well behaved
Nice clean start, Charles nips left

First casualty of the rain was Malcolm Scott who went off at the first chicane, and unlike many others who went off here in race 1, he hit something and deranged the rear wing, putting him out. Robbie Watts had a good start from pole and therefore had the only clear view, at least until lapping started. He came through to the finish to win, ahead of Kevan McLurg who rose to 3rd at the start, inherited second when Malcolm left, and was sensible enough to drive for the finish rather than try to catch and beat Robbie.

With the puncture from race 1 fixed Russ Giles took up fourth on the grid. I don't know who was more surprised to see Mark Smith (from 7th on the grid) ahead on lap one, Russ or Mark, but they had a good race, Russ getting past on lap 4, gradually building up a lead which was reduced on the last lap as Russ had a problem (unfortunately I forgot again to ask.) Finally, much to everybody's surprise Tony Bishop was dead last, though still picking up important points for the championship.

First classic home was Dave Gillett, who was shadowed for most of the race by Mat Jordan. Mat must love the infield at Combe because he visited it again, this time the green rather than yellow stuff, and he drove away after his pit straight spin to finish second behind Dave. The Tatuus Twins (Henry Fryer and Tim Tudor) took up where they left off in race 1, Tim initially leading but Henry passing to get 3rd in class again on lap5.

After the masterful race 1, Alastair Bell suffered a bit more in race 2. Although he ran much of the race 3rd in class, a spin (I assume from the times) on lap 7 and another indiscretion on the final lap after he had clawed back some of the lost time dropped him to 5th. Lou Watts, meanwhile, played the consistency card and finished a little in arrears, but still with useful points.

Jared Wood ran well at first but pulled off at the end of the third lap, while Ray Rowan wanted to pull off after the first lap because he couldn't see anything in the spray, but missed the pit/paddock entrance because he couldn't see it. Which rather proved his point...

Charles enters the pitlane Alastair Bell Russ Giles laps Lou Watts
Henry Fryer Tim Tudor Winner Robbie Watts




Ray Rowan did one lap and came in, like Lauda at Fuji '76.

Dave Gillett had a good run to the Classic top step

Dramatic spray from behind Kevan shows the aero's working well

Mark Smith and Russ Giles couldn't have been much closer

Mark Smith

Mat Jordan clearing the water


It would be wrong to think we victimise Mat Jordan for his exhuberant performance, it's just that we don't get too many spin sequences and even fewer cornfield pictures. Note the innovative and effective rain light system in final photograph

Tony Cotton

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