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2013 Tiedeman Trophy Series

Race 1
Sat, 21 September 2013
Donington Park NAT
Race Organser: 750 MC
15 min Qual, 20 min Race
Entry Fee: £195
Entry Closing Date: 11 September

Race 2
Sat, 12 October 2013
Silverstone NAT
Race Organiser: BARC
15 min Qual, 20 min Race
Entry Fee: £225
Entry Closing Date: 2 October


Entry Fee for both races, entered at the same time: £395


Eligible Cars & Drivers

Cars complying with any class in the 2013 Monoposto Championship Regulations, plus an Invitation Class for Single Seater Racing Cars up to 2000cc, at the discretion of the Monoposto Racing Club. Drivers must be members of the Monoposto Racing Club, or 750MC (Race 1), or BARC (Race 2)


Note the Entry Closing Dates shown above! Entry fee refunds for withdrawn entries will be made up to 3 days prior to the event at the discretion of the Monoposto Racing Club. No refunds will be made after this deadline.

Race Awards

The overall race winners will receive a Garland. Tiedeman Trophies will be awarded to each Class Winner. 2nd/3rd place trophies in each Class will be awarded subject to a minimum of 4/6 entries in each class.

In addition the Modense Group will sponsor free race entries up to a total value of £500 in the 2014 Monoposto Championship for the driver(s) in any Class judged by the Modense Group representative to be the most meritorious in the Tiedeman Trophy Series. If more than one driver is selected, the award will be divided equally between them.


The Founder of the Monoposto Racing Club, Frank Tiedeman, passed away this year. The Tiedeman Trophy Series
aims to provide Monoposto competitors with more low-cost racing opportunities in addition to the Club’s very popular
championship: the St. Cross Electronics Mono Championship. It is particularly appropriate that the Tiedeman Trophy
Series involves co-operation with the 750 Motor Club, as Frank was a prominent member of the 750MC as well as being
the founder of the Monoposto Racing Club. Frank was also a foremost proponent of low cost single seater racing, which
is the objective of the Tiedeman Trophy.

The Future

For 2013 the Tiedeman Trophy is registered with the MSA as a Series. The Club intends to progress an application for Championship status for the Tiedeman Trophy for 2014. This will be a short low-cost Championship which will extend the Monoposto racing season. It will aim to use some circuits which might not otherwise be visited by the main Monoposto Championship, which will continue in its current very successful format, with MSVR as our main race organising partner.

We will be discussing further co-operation and possible dates/venues to run races in the 2014 Teideman Trophy Championship principally with the 750MC, who with the BARC have been enthusiastic and helpful in helping this years’ Tiedeman Trophy Series become a reality.

We are very pleased to have the support of Frank’s family in developing this initiative, and we invite both existing Monoposto Members and others to race with us in this co-operative effort to provide more opportunity for excellent Club-level single seater racing at minimum cost.


Simon Davey, Administrator
Monoposto Racing Club
1 The Applegarth
Long Buckby
Northampton, NN6 7EQ
Tel/Fax: 01327 843 056
Mob: 07770 368 648