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The Parkinson Snetterton 7/8 September 2013

Looking at the weather forecasts prior to the meeting I was convinced that it was going to be a thoroughly wet weekend but the weather men got their early forecasts wrong and it fortunately turned out mostly dry.

We had several guest drivers for this last championship meeting of the year all of whom took home one or two trophies. These included Mark Jackson, Chris Levy, Alan Fincham and Adam Quatermaine who raced only on the Sunday.
I didn’t manage to get to speak to Chris Levy but I’m sure the car, a Pinto engine 83 Van Diemen has been out with us before but anyway he went home with two second places so had a good weekend.

Mark Jackson, in his Pinto engine 84 Reynard, had a better weekend running off with two first places in the class and third and fourth overall. Michael Dale was pleased he was there as the two mechanics working for Mark loaned a distributor and assisted Eddie Guest fit it to enable Michael to run in the Sunday race.

DP reveals Kimi Raikkonen's Monoposto links - he is shown here talking to Luca di Montezemolo

Adam Quatermaine took first in the 1600 Sunday race in his ex works 99 Van Diemen. The car was the one used by Kimi Raikkonen when he was in Formula Ford and driving for the Van Diemen works team. Adams friend and mechanic who was also running one of his cars in the Mono Classic field, was employed by Van Diemen and was both Jonathan Lewis’s and Kimi’s race mechanic at differing times. Adam was telling me that he is running the 2 litre car in the Tiedeman trophy meetings.

Alan Fincham we know well as he races at Snetterton when we visit as it’s his home circuit. He races with another club but also came out at Donnington on one occasion using it as a test as he had a championship round there shortly after ours. He seemed to be going much better than previously, with a second and a third and he did admit that he’s found a second or so here and there on both the car and himself. He’s a nice guy and he’ll always be welcome at Mono meetings.

Another driver who has got considerably faster is our own Eddie Guest. I’m going to have to stop parking near him but Anne, his wife, brings us coffee and Eddie, apart from helping Michael also helped me. My car refused to start and whilst we were waggling wires Simon Davey noticed that the spade on the starter motor feed had broken and hence no power. I did half of the work but Eddie took over as my back was crucifying me so thanks Eddie.

There were quite a few drivers with assorted mechanical problems and for some an awful lot of work. Dan Clowes changed his engine, which he only installed the week before, on Saturday night and still managed to be cheerful. Unfortunately the car never finished on Sunday so poor old Dan had a double duck for the weekend. The mechanics of Mark Jackson also changed the Pinto engine but I can’t remember whether that was Friday or Saturday night. Probably Friday as I can’t see anyone changing an engine that’s just won.* Malcolm Scott continues to learn about his Dallara as evidently an adjustment has to be made to the differential twice a year which he was not aware of. It must have worked as he won on Sunday.

Speaking of engines, I have heard a rumour that Len Turner has decided to have a new engine installed for next season. So Jason Timms, Geoff Fern, Adrian Wright, Dan Clowes, Dax Ward and Marc Fortune etc . BEWARE.

Speaking of rumours, Tony Cotton was heard to say that he might well get the Formula Vauxhall out to compete in the premier class next season. But he has said that to my knowledge for the past two years.

Patrick and Ruth Houston were two welcome visitors on Saturday. Patrick continues to fly his micro light and still runs his sports at track days.

I enjoyed the race on Sunday and managed to finish second to Adam despite the attention of my so called friend, Michael, I never saw you, Dale. It must have been well into the race when Michael passed me on the back straight and then braked hard so that I had to brake harder to avoid hitting him. I had a couple of goes to get past him and both times he chopped me off before I finally made it and of course the three A’s are right behind me. Namely, Alan, Adie and Eddie, sorry, two A’s and an E. Then he passed me again on the straight. I could have choked him but did manage to get him between Oggies and Williams. Some pal. But we’re friends again and I felt better when I’d given him a good slapping.

Congratulations to Adie Heath who took the premier class championship from yours truly in second place. If Simon Davey calls me the bridesmaid any more I’ll spit in his coffee when he’s not looking. However I might get away with it as he’s started to call Geoff Fern by that name lately.

Speaking about Geoff, he’s responsible for me not being a seven time champion. I think I finished second to him twice before winning the championship in 2009 after which Nigel Davers won in 10, 11 and 12, in a Fern car and now of course Adie in another Fern car.

Douglas McLay broke his engine before Snetterton and evidently only required four points to win the Zetec championship. He could have borrowed Ewen’s car but declined as he said to me that he always prepared his own cars and to win in a car not prepared by him would not seem right. All I can say is that my ethics are not as good as Doug’s as I would have raced an ice-cream cart in order to win a championship.

Finally and on a slightly sad note I have now retired from the Monoposto Board of Directors. I gave my colleagues notice by e-mail and attended my last meeting two days after Snetterton.** I was the oldest board member, though one or two of them are looking a bit worn, and believe that it was time to step aside for a younger man. The board does sterling work and I wish them all the best for the future.

David Parkinson

Asst Editor's 3 pennyworth:

*Mark Jackson's engine change was Saturday Morning.

** David's common sense, inherent fair play, intimate knowledge of the 1600 competitors, and good humour will be greatly missed by his fellow directors. On the other hand, the rest of us might now have less of a fight to get a doughnut.

Mark Jackson

Alan Fincham

Chris LevyDP leading Michael Dale

Adam Quartermaine

Pictures by Norwich Photo