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Northbrook College

It was good to see another college team out. Northbook College, based near Worthing, were running an unusual 1996 Van Diemen 2 litre Formula Renault when the dominant chassis, run by the Swansea and Wiltshire teams, not to mention Mark Smith, is of course a Tatuus. I spoke to dave Tucker, who I assume is their tutor. Their Motorsports degree is awarded through Brighton University. They were intending to do the 750MC Single Seater Championship, but unfortunately that didn't get off the ground after Snetterton, so we hope we'll see them again. They're pleased to be racing in a championship where some development is allowed – they've been comparing the practical outcome of aerodynamic and damper settings with the theoretical.

The car is driven by Shane Kelly, 2006 Club F3 champion, and surprisingly a veteran of Mono – he ran in a Vauxhall Lotus in aroudn 2000/2001 with Richard Purcell's Top Marx team. He also had an interesting story to tell...


James Rimmer

James was another newcomer to Mono. He's doing an Aeronautical Science degree at Bristol and hopes to join a race team in due course. Since most of them regard practical experience as important, he's getting it by racing his Mygale. He had been doing Formula 4 (the original 750MC version) but as we know, that stopped so he's joined us. He commented that he'd tested last week to get used to Donington, and that was his third time in the car, not counting an early season Silverstone when they were chipping ice away before the cars were let out. James told us that Linton Stutely had been of great assistance, in particular in making sure the car was user friendly. James is another we hope to welcome again.

James's father is Ian Rimmer who several of those racing at Donington remembered from the 1975-1982 period.


Shane played the part of Hans Stuck (or Hans-Joachim Stuck to be pedantic) in the film Rush. This involved driving a March 761 DFV in the Nurburgring pitlane. He was chosen for this because he had tested the car for the WDK team from Stockbridge. “The 761 is a nice car to drive”, he told us, “I suppose that as it was a customer car March had to make it as friendly as possible.” There were 3 days of filming for a 30 second sequence in the film. Out of interest, Shane had heard that the “normal” ratio is 1 minute from 1 day, which compares with 3 minutes per day for a less blockbusting British independent film and the same 3:1 for a quality TV drama.

That ratio was confirmed by Kevan McLurg, whose Rush connection was that he supplied 3 Formula Vauxhall Lotus's, which were converted by WDK to quick change McLaren Hesketh and Ligier bodies for filming. They could, apparently, be switched overnight by change of bodywork to represent the different marques. Kevan also tells us that the BRM in the picture was scratch built and had a V8 Rover, and that the Ferraris were Formula Novis Mygales, converted from monoshock to twin damper. Naturally, one was destroyed in the (plot spoiler) Nurbugring accident, and Shane told me 2 of the FVL's were destroyed, I would guess in the same accident with one of them recycled for the horrific Cevert aftermath.

Having seen the trailer where they use what looks like the sort of CGI a 12 year old could do on his ipad, I was a bit put off but was persuaded by Steven Griffin's review, and I'm glad I was. The trailer shows the only piece of poor CGI in the film. In fact there's a lot of un-noticed CGI when some poor devil had to paint out the Nurburgring graffiti.

I've been told by 2 of my contacts that although the film shows Hunt and Lauda meeting at Crystal Palace, they didn't meet until a lot later, in F2. Incidentally, both Kevan and an occassional Startline contributor confirmed that Steven's observation on Cosworth cam covers was correct – it started in 1978 at Williams's request because Saudia disapproved of Ford's relations with Israel.

To finish on a very tenuous Mono connection, it was good to see Mono's favourite supplier of the black bits, Paul Smith and BMTR, got a specific mention in the closing credits. MSV did too, but with Cadwell and Brands playing starring roles, you would expect that. Sit through the titles, it's worth it.

99 years between them.....

Peter Venn, Francis Phillips and David Cox all joined the club in 1981, so there's 33 seasons' experience in each of them, which is a bit surprising when you see them. Francis was always known as being from Kidderminster, but has now retired and moved to Cornwall, where there isn't much in the way of race circuits (Davidstow opened in 1952 and closed in 1955). However, he has been karting at St Eval and was pleased to be within 4 seconds of James Toseland's record.

And if anybody doesn't believe they were all around in 1981, here a link to prove it:


Lee McCrumlish

Lee drives a very nice Dallara 395 with an irish flag on it, which you wouldn't guess from his accent. He briefly ran an FR last year, and entered the 395 at our Brands GP round but withdrew with problems. His first race was at Snetterton, where he lost both 3rd and 5th. Like many of our new joiners he's hoping to do a full season next year.


Fun with Shell

We are indebted to the Ferrari Owners' Club wesbite (they have some excellent Grand Prix reports) for a copy of a Shell picture that's been used by several of the mags. It shows Alonso and Massa dressed up for a film show about the 1955 Belgian Grand Prix. What intrigued us was that we've never seen the charming 1950's Malmedy cinema Shell referred to when ambling round the pleasant town. With the help of Google Streetmap, it's interesting to compare the set-dressed version and reality. With thanks to Shell the film is on the left.

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