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If it was any cheaper they'd be paying you!

The Snetterton 300 - 9 & 10 November 2013

This event will support the BRDC Formula 4 Winter Series, and is organised by MSVR.. It is for any single seater car eligible for Monoposto racing, plus an invitation class for any single seater up to 2 litres capacity. So almost any single seater under 2 litres will be eligible to compete.

A Jedi is eligible... is a Mono 1600 FVJ..... ....a Classic 2000... ....and if you happen to have a Toleman TG280 burning a hole in your cupboard, that could be too (but it might be a good idea to check as the class is really aimed at F3s)

Saturday 9 November 20 min Qualifying 2 x 20 min Races
Sunday 10 November 20 min Qualifying 2 x 20 min Races

Two hours of competitive track time, including four races, on the Snetterton 300 circuit for £200 only!

This is not a misprint ... save £££££'s - you would need to be a fool to miss this opportunity - in fact so mad to miss it by choice that if you did then the MSA would probably withdraw your competition licence due to lack of judgement! - enter now before MSVR come to their senses and double the entry fee!!! You could easily spend more than £200 buying useless tat you don't really want on ebay while you're tired and emotional!!!! (enough weak parodies of 1970's Saturday newspaper ads for Russian radios and unecessary exclamation marks - ed)

There is no fee for joining a Club for this event. Entry includes free membership of MSVR. Drivers can share an entry if they wish. The Entry Form for the event - The Monoposto 300 – is here. Please return your entry form direct to MSVR (ie the address on the form and not Simon) as soon as possible.

Please contact Simon if you have any queries about the event, or the eligibility/class of your car.