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Walter Hayes Trophy 2013

As always, a good way to end a year spectating is to freeze one's nuts off in the BRDC grandstand at Silverstone watching Formula Fords - real ones, with Kents. 2013 was another good meeting, we only saw the Sunday racing, and can report that the final was won by 8 seconds - about the same as a year in earth time - by Scott Malvern. He was followed by Oliver White and Kevin O'Hara. Hard luck stories were Jake Eidson (an Australian under the Team USA Scholarship banner (?)) who was challenging for second in the final and spun, and even more so Wayne Boyd who was demoted to the "progression" and "last chance" races after a disqualification. After dominating the progression race he caught a spinner in the last chance and was eliminated.

Of more interest to Monoposti was the Open Wheel Scratch Race. Former Mono Champion Mark Harrison qualified his Dallara F306 on pole but was beaten away by the Bang & Olufsen liveried March 742 BMW of Mark Dwyer. 30+ years of aero development showed in the corners but the glorious sounding F2 car's extra 100hp came in useful, and MarkD triumphed. If only Mark Harrison could get hold of a Formula 2 for next year, ideally a bit more modern, say a Toleman.......Third was Ray Rowan, an occassional sight on a Mono grid in various Dallarae, but this time in his F306. Paul Britten brought his pretty Van Diemen RF00, and was running as high as 5th until dropping out a lap from the end. The other Mono contenders sadly had an early bath. Tim Cameron in his Jedi Mk4 was involved when another car in a group of 4 had an incident in qualifying at Luffield. Kevin Mason was also off in the same incident in his lovely Lola Japanese F3000 B50/06 with Chevy Ilmor engine. Neither started.

In the overall WH entry we spotted Adam Quartermaine, who raced with us at the end of the year and finished 22nd in the hotly contested final, Autosport's Ben Anderson who has raced with us in the past and reached the final, and "Team Dan" Fox. Dan had supplied the engine to Simon Jackson's interesting Javelin JL5, but his engine was listed as a "Davey" - sounds like the work of our hard working administrator.

One thing I did like about HSCC's website was that they stream the commentary so it's possible to stay at home and listen to the race whilst watching the timing screen. Sheer anorak luxury. For the true Silverstone effect, listen on the ipad while sitting in the freezer.

Tony Cotton


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