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Champion Interview by email: ZTec - Marcus Sheard

Since the ZTec class has now been merged back into 1800, Marcus could go down in history as the sole winner....

When did you start racing?

Had 3 races in mono 1600 in 1987 in an ex Jim Blockley Reynard - before the money and talent ran out . Then started again with encouragement from Jonathan Baggott in 2010. The money is still holding up but not the talent.

What previous success have you had?

Was pleased to finish 6th in my third and final race in 1987.

Why did you decide to do Monoposto?

Always liked the club's approach to racing- serious but frugal.

What mods did you make to the car?

The engine had done 4 seasons when I cooked it at Silverstone (stone through radiator and wilful ignoring of the red lights on the dash) this August so I have been forced to rebuild it this winter. For next season the critical mods will be better mesh in front of the radiators.

Are there any others you would have liked to make?

The car is now just as I want it.

Which was your most enjoyable race?

Oulton Park last season. That was the 4th visit since I started racing in 2010 and I have improved my lap times every year. It is a circuit with a long history for me- I first visited in 1960 with my father to see Stirling Moss win the Gold cup so it is nice to have a winners trophy of my own from a great circuit.

Is there anybody you especially enjoy racing / beating?

Always enjoy dicing with Michael Dale so it is good to have him back in the Van Diemen.

Would you have done anything different?


Which is you favourite circuit and why?

Oulton Park - see above.

How big is your team on the day?

It is funny but most people who come racing to help me out vow that they have really enjoyed it - and then somehow are never available to come again. Generally the team is just me and I scrounge a bit of help to fasten seatbelts and to unplug the slave battery.

Do you work on the car yourself or get somebody else to do it?

I do most things that I understand (dismantling) but have had a lot of help from Julian Hoskins to rebuild the car and set it up.

Are you glad you did Mono?


Would you like to race anything else? (Within Mono, or any other series whatsoever, budget no limits.)

Over the winter I have bought the Lenny Coleman/Tristan Cliffe Reynard 883. I plan to rebuild it (with Julian) in 2014 and run it in 2015. So at the age of 60 I still have racing ambitions with mono!! Could do with more ability though.

What do you do as a day job?

I'm a full time racing driver.

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The Mygale at Oulton in 2013....

and in 2012.

Polishing perfection

"It was me tyres governor". Paul Britten looks unimpressed.....

Marcus at Race Retro