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Champion Interview by email:2000 Robbie Watts

Robbie spills the beans on a championship season

When did you start racing?

I started Racing after a day at Brands Hatch Racing School in 1990. I did the Racing School for 3 months and a few FF1600 races in the next few years and then Saloon car racing from 1996-2000.
2001-2006 I raced a Renault Spider in 750-MC Roadsports Championship.
2007-08 Radical in SR4.
2009-2012 F4 with 750MC.
2011-Present.....Mono and F3 Cup

What previous success have you had?

2003 Roadsports Champion
2004 Roadsports Champion
2012 F4 Champion
2013 Mono 2000 Champion

Totals to date
Poles 65
Wins 44
Fastest Laps 56
Podiums 89

Why did you decide to do Monoposto?
Good grids, Nice people and well run

What mods did you make to the car?

We purchased the LOLA in 2011 and it had sat in a barn for a while so a complete strip and rebuild was required.... The biggest challenge was to fit the Zetec, she was still in British F3 trim and ready to accept a MUGEN, which we couldnt afford so it was all the usual bits and bobs to get her going.

Are there any others you would have liked to make?

Not really...there is no point in doing anything much to a car like that....Spend the money on the Driver!

Which was your most enjoyable race?

Which is your favourite circuit and why?
Cadwell and Spa.....They are just great circuits

How big is your team on the day?
Dan,Alex,Joe and Myself.

Do you work on the car yourself or get somebody else to do it?

We do everything in house....

Would you like to race anything else? (Within Mono, or any other series whatsoever, budget no limits.)

My aim is to get hold of an F1 car from the 90s.....just depends on the pennies....

What do you do as a day job?
I still run the family business which I started in 1988......We are a Building/Shopfitting Contractor and our biggest customer is M&S.

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Robbie in an F4 race, RF97 earlier times at Oulton Park (Pic Simon Arron via internet)

Prizegiving at Snetterton


Team at Brands

Chis Mount's picture of Robbie

"an F1 car from the 90s"..this'll do.