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SPA OPEN PITLANE Spa-Francorchamps Circuit Sunday March 16, 2014

We have received the following from Vincent and Alain who run the Spa meeting:

On Sunday March 16, 2014 the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps will awaken. Roadbook Organisation, Alain Defalle & Vincent Collard open the year 2014 on the most beautiful circuit in the world, with an Open Pitlane day.

Concretely, any owner of a racing car or a touring car can run on the circuit between 9am and 12am and again between 1pm and 6pm. Entry fee is 450 euros per car.

The Open Pit Lane is for both modern cars and oldtimers. All the details including an entry form are available on

Each driver can use the track as long as they wish.

How is the day run ?
• Open Pitlane is when drivers can go out to the track as and when they like rather than in a dedicated time slot. Maximum 70 cars are allowed simultaneously on the track.
• The track is open from 9am to 12am and from 1pm to 6pm without interruption.
• Each driver can use the track as long as they wish.

Eligible Cars
• Oldtimer classic cars and modern cars are accepted. Road cars and competition cars are accepted.
Respect of noise limits
• The maximum permitted is 107 dB in static from the exhaust pipe and 103 dB on the track measured at 15m from the centreline of the track.

Entry Fee
• Entry fee is 450 euros per car, payable at registration on the circuit and includes:
- 4 driver wristbands
- 1 place for the car in a F1 box
• Passengers are free.
• The teams that register 5 or more cars are invited to contact us.
• Booking is not mandatory but is recommended to receive an email with all the practical details of the day.
Drivers and passengers
• To access the track, each driver / passenger must wear a crash helmet.
• Each driver must sign a waiver of appeal for himself and his passengers and will receive a wristband to access the track.
• No sport licence required.

Stages of the day
• From 7h 30
Arrival at the circuit & Registration
• 9h 00 : Opening of the track.
• 12h 00 - 13h 00 : Break.
Brasserie open on the circuit.
• 13h 00 : Opening of the track.
• 18h 00 : Track closed.


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