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Champion Interview by email: SUNBAC Nova - Daryl Jones

When did you start racing?
I had a go at 100cc karting in 1992/1993, doing some novice races and a few ‘full plate’ events.

What previous success have you had?
Well, after not much luck (or finances) in Karting, I turned my attention to cars. I had seen an advert that said that there was an opportunity to ‘Win’ (ha ha cough cough) a drive in a Vauxhall Junior as part of a scholarship deal but you had to have been a pupil at the Jim Russell school.

So, I sold my road car, hitched a lift to Donington in late 1994. And after a week on a wet track and hours in the classroom etc I came away with pole and a win. And that was that for 19 years!

Why did you decide to do Monoposto?
Well, After waiting since 1994 to get into racing (due to some wives and kids etc), I was chomping at the bit to go racing and I saw the Monoposto club as being the best, and most affordable single seater championship in the country.

What mods did you make to the car?
Where do I start! A total OTT rebuild started late 2011, which took longer than I had anticipated, but I wanted the car to be right. The FVL was Lenny Coleman’s old car and was already shod with Hi-Spec brakes. I wanted to keep the car as pure and as original as possible, a true ‘Mono Classic’ with the only real mod by me being an SBD sump and pace oil pump.

Are there any others you would have liked to make?
I would have liked to have set the car up properly and tested more. Maybe have fitted a diffuser.

Which was your most enjoyable race?
It would have to be Snetterton, not just because we scored 32 points and a first win etc, but the pressure was off as I had my 6 signatures already and I could just attack.

Is there anybody you especially enjoy racing / beating?
Better machinery.

Would you have done anything different?
My obvious reply would be to have turned right at Paddock Hill bend, but the one thing I would have definitely done differently is not allow Mr Bishop past on the penultimate corner at Snetterton, as we could have had an overall podium.!.(Damn and blast, not bitter-grits teeth)

Which is you favourite circuit and why?
Of the tracks I have driven on in 2013 I would say Snetterton and Donington. Looking forward to Oulton Park and one day I would like to race at Spa.

How big is your team on the day?
My ‘team’ on the day is Bryan and Rob. We have all worked together for many years and are all motorsport, and now Monoposto, fans. Without them, and a few others (Derek and Dave) it wouldn’t have happened this year.

Do you work on the car yourself or get somebody else to do it?
I have done the majority of the work on the car, rebuilt the engine, chassis, suspension, uprights etc, but when I had first re-built the FVL, I asked Dan from ‘Team Fox’ to look over the car and ‘educate me’ in what was needed to bring it up to scratch. I can highly recommend his thoroughness and expert services to anyone.

Are you glad you did Mono?
Without a doubt, from a novice to an out and out racer, the club caters for all (That damn Cater!!)

Would you like to race anything else? (Within Mono, or any other series whatsoever, budget no limits.)
I would love the chance of racing an old F1/TGP F2 or 917/group C type sportscar etc, but I’m keeping my feet on the ground and will win Mono 2000 when I get the car. I would also like to do a few races in F3 cup in the future.

Who is your racing hero, if you have one?

I have always been a Mansell, Senna, Lauda, Prost, Schumacher fan, (Mansell AND Senna???!!! -asst ed) but there are many untold drivers stories that never make it.

But Gilles Villenueve was/is my hero.

What do you do as a day job?
I have worked in the UK’s first Citroen dealer down in Worthing since 2000.

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Better to turn right ...... Paddock Hill Bend Keep it as a spare just in case....



Daryl - or a well nourished Kimi Raikkonen?

At Brands following a sparking Alistair Bell

Ahead of better machinery.

"I would love the chance of racing an old F1" - here's Gilles.

Daryl getting angry

Pics Daryl, Andrew Cliffe, Nigel Bland and Charles M Schulz.