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A message from Lenny Coleman

You may know that Monoposto stalwart Lenny Coleman retired during the year for health reasons. During his time in Monoposto Lenny was one of the most liked people in the paddock. He has sent this message:

Now that I have retired from the racing scene, I feel that I should pay tribute to all those Monoposto Club members who have helped me over the years; especially when I turned up on my own! They are (in no particular order) -

Diane and Russ Giles
Nick Harrison
Simon Davey
Tristan and Martin Cliffe
Mick Kinghorn
Dermot Healy
Robin and John Dawe
Peter Bragg
Nick Catanzaro
Tony Cotton
Lou Watts

and all those who helped push me at Donington a couple of years ago, when my engine would not start on the Green Flag lap and I eventually started the race from the pit lane! Special thanks to Jennifer Scott for that one.

I really hope that I have not offended anyone by omission, but there must be many more I have not acknowledged.

Lenny Coleman

Asst Editor's note:

It has been a privelege over the years to race with somebody as courteous and self effacing as Lenny. He is a lesson in what Mono is all about - enjoying yourself and helping everybody else to do the same. Thanks also to Lenny for inventing the verb "To Simon", as in "He got a well deserved Simoning".




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