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Seat belts - things you should know!

Dermot Healy writes:

I have recently agreed to act as a point of contact to supply TRS harnesses to Monoposti as the manufacturers are all geared up to deal though distributors, rather than direct to end users.

You can, of course, buy standard single seater 6pt harnesses from lots of suppliers but you may find you'll make a saving - even if you just want a standard harness - if you speak to me.

The standard harnesses that you'll be offered by most suppliers, or can buy online, will work well in many cars but there can be problems. Some cars (eg Dallaras) have looped fixings on shoulder straps, Some cars (eg FVLs) have anchorage points at a strange angle. Not every manufacturer uses the same size anchorage bolts & using washers to bridge the gap or drilling harness anchorage plates (ever tried doing it?) really is not best practice. And then there is the issue of strap lengths. You don't want random excess shoulder strap webbing tickling your face as you go through Eau Rouge. Nor do you really want the harness buckle situated in your cleavage. And not all of us are the same size and adjusters coming close to their limits bring their own problems. And, of course, you want your harness to work well with a HANS device if you use a harness made to measure can offer real benefits.

Amazingly, the ever so tolerant people at TRS seem happy to produce one off harnesses to match your particular shape, requirements and desires. ....and you have a choice of nice colours as well!

It works like this - I send you a form on which you can specify exactly what lengths/fixings/adjuster types & positions/colour/Hans compatibility /widths etc etc you would like. Return it to me and TRS will make the harness to your spec (so DO get your measurements right!) & it will appear on your doorstep at a cost that will most probably be less than you would pay if you sought out a 'bargain' on eBay or availed yourself of a 'special offer' elsewhere.

07703 162409

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