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St Cross Electronics Mono Championship
25 May 2014, Round 6, 1600, 1800, DTec, Moto


Adrian Wright took pole, with Ewen Sergison the fastest car-engined competitor (1800). Andrew Colebrooke took a very impressive 1600 pole. Eddie Guest , Tony Cotton and Jock Sergison all had shortened qualifying due to a broken shocker for Eddie, a loose suspension attachment for Tony and cause unknown for Jock. The common feature to the repairs was that Ewen got involved in all of them as a source of welding, bolts and insults respectively, though Tony did specifically ask me to thank Lee and Brian Bennett for their invaluable skills in fixing his car.


Adrian Wright led each lap of the race and won, though that's a little misleading. Jeremy Timms shadowed him, about a second behind, until (I stand to be corrected) something broke in the chicane before the banking, spinning Jeremy and leaving the car at 90 degrees to the track. At first it looked as if the car might be moveable under flags, and a safety car was signalled, but it soon became clear the car was stranded and there was no alternative to a second race for this group being red flagged.

Kevin Waring initially gave chase to Jeremy, but didn't maintain his and Adrian's pace. He was increasingly closely followed by the rapid Dallara of Graham Read until lap 5 where they were very close and lap 6 when Graham got ahead. They ended with second and third podium steps.

Geoff Fern and Jonathan Reed initially looked to be out to have a close race but Jonathan pulled away. Of the remaining Motos, Craig Hurran had an off on the first lap but got up to 7th. He joined Jeremy in the chicane as a spinner which dropped him down the order, losing 15 seconds. Len Turner enjoyed himself, as usual, racing with the car engines, in this case Andrew Colebrook and Doug McLay.

Mark Draghicescu joined the new DTec class, bringing support from the very experienced Speedsport equipe of Mike O'Brien, famous in my mind for a dominant F3 win at the British GP. Mark was ahead of fellow Duratec driver Doug McLay by 4 places on the track, and behind almost inevitable 1800 victor Ewan "that car of my dad's is nothing to do with me" Sergison. Current 1800 champion Paul Britten was second in class while welcome returnee Adrian Heath was third, having had fun with the 1600s. Similarly, Andrew Colebrooke in the legendary TFR RF89 won 1600 while being in amongst the Duratecs and 1800s. The 1600 class ran to form, with Dave Parkinson second to Andrew, Eddie Guest next up with Tony Cotton and Jock Sergison, in the ever developing innovative Highlander III, completing the class. Tony started reasonably but spun with tyre smoke at Tarzan, and never really made up the time from that. Donington victor Matt Walters had a puzzling understeer off on lap 4 along the un-named straight between "Gracelands" and "Tarzan".

Terry Bulundasteyer*

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All pictures - Norwich Photo


*A made up name as the reporter was in the race.

Geoff Fern leads Kevin Waring while Craig Hurran spears off onto the grass.

Adrian Wright almost blocks out Jeremy Timms

Matt Walters languishes in the gravel.

Mark Draghicescu