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Monoposto Baking Grand Prix
Thruxton 14 June 2014
Carrot Cake Triumphant

Monoposto's most closely run, and rigorously judged, competition of the year was fought out in the paddock of Thruxton. While mighty 800hp truck racing behemoths thundered around Hampshire's proudest blacktop, some of England (and indeed Europe's) most finely honed culinery skills brought their best baking to the clinically controlled conditions of the plastic Mono table to be assessed for presentation and taste. The judging team was unchanged from last year, but has expressed a wish to remain anonymous to avoid the inevitable gifts and offerings which we definitely don't want during the coming year (the preferred Porsche colour is titanium, since you ask).

The entries were as follows:

Jane (centre), Joanie (left) and Alice (right)
Carrot Cake by Jayne
Hazelnut Chocolate Cup Cakes by Joanie
Orange Cup Cakes by Alice
Description Entrant
England Football Cake Kevin Waring,Wingnut Racing
Vegan Tiffin Sarah Harvey, CDR
Lemon Cake Sarah Harvey, CDR
White Chocolate Tiffin Joanie Harvey, TFR
Hazelnut Chocolate Cup Cakes Joanie Harvey, TFR
Rosemary Brownies Philippa Davers, Team Davers
Fruit Flapjacks Joanie Harvey
Choco Strawberry Cake Kev & Carol TRR
Cherry and Coconut Cake Mercia Turner
Raspberry Red Velvet Sharon Spiller, Wingnut
Carrot Cake Jayne Berger, PV Racing
Millionaire Shortbread Laura Venn, PV Racing
Orange Cup Cakes Alice Venn, PV Racing
Welsh Cakes Jonathan Baggot

With the World Cup starting in the week of the BGP, Kevin's entry (below) was not only beautifully decorated but very topical. To be an accurate represenation of England it should surely have been a let down with no good points, but in fact it was a very nice sponge. Ron Dennis would have loved Joanie's combined cake tin carrier, cover and safety shield with its clever clips and restraints, it was a triumph of detail. Sarah's Vegan Tiffin, produced without animal products and therefore suitable for lactose intollerants was a lovely gesture for Emma, who sadly can't usually enjoy a piece of cake. She pronounced it delicious (or to be more accurate "dedishush" as she was still eating it). There was tragedy in the cake assembly area, as 2013 Silver Trophy winner Sharon's delightful sounding Raspberry Red Velvet failed to appear by the end of judging and was therefore declared a reluctant DNQ.

So with lunch for the judges consisting of small pieces of 13 wonderful offerings, a concensus was reached by the anonymous Judith and Tony. We agreed that all entries varied between good and fantastic, and there was not much to choose between the top few. For this reason we give only the "podium", which really couldn't be closer, of:

Position Name Cake Points
1 Jayne Berger, PV Racing Carrot Cake 17
2 Joanie Harvey, TFR Hazelnut Chocolate Cup Cakes 16
3 Alice Venn, PV Racing Orange Cup Cakes 15

With Jayne and Alice being from the same team, there was definitely a flavour of the Rosberg/Hamilton rivalry, and we had mental pictures of Jayne emulating Nico at Monaco by "accidentally" locking the store cupboard just as Alice was about to go for that secret ingredient which would have tipped the scales....although come to think of it, tipping the scales would be the sort of trick Maldonado would do.....

Handles, symmetry, clips and protection. Joanie's cup cake carrier Topical football cake by Kevin Waring Unlike some team-mates, Jayne and Alice were happy. Does F1 have a baking GP? I think not....

Tony Cotton