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Kevan McLurg At Thruxton (1)

Life's always more interesting with Kevan around. We were a bit surprised to see him locking up so much on Saturday, but it turned out that the reason was a rear puncture that upset the balance. When he retired the car, the puncture was beyond even Kevan to repair.

The wheel/tyre as removed Startline Gardening Correspondent Ann Gingbasket writes:"The choice of Lavendula and Viola for this unusual planter should give colour and fragrance through spring, summer and early autumn".
There is debate as to which legend Kevan was impersonating - Villeneuve..... (Zandvoort 1979, Sutton Images) .......or Mansell (Adelaide 1986)

Terrapin Time

It says a lot about preparation and setup if a car leaves the workshop and wins first time out. I was impressed, though not unduly surprised, when the combination of Nick Edginton's engineering and Lee Cunningham's driving produced that result for the immaculate F398 shown below. Lee is acting as shake down driver (Silverstone and Donington tests) and as driver coach for the car's owner, Neil Tomlinson, and as recorded in the Saturday race report, Lee was hugely impressed with the car.

However, this is far from the first time that a car has won "out of the box" in Mono. An early car which did it was Allan Staniforth's Terrapin which did just that in 1965, very early in the life of Mono. That was a full 50 years ago. Allan described the car, how to successfully run it, and how to understand what it's doing, in a series of books - 'High Speed Low Cost', 'Race and Rally Car Source Book' and 'Competition Car Suspension'.

The relevance of this is that, since 1987, Nick has owned a Terrapin. In fact he has 2, having acquired a second recently which he may be disposing of if anybody is interested. The older car is a famous one. Built in Panama by Ed Praxel and then finished in Leeds by John Crowson, it's described by Allan as "the most accurately built I have ever seen. As a result, the car handled perfectly from the moment it first turned a wheel."

John Crowson at Harewood

The car the re-crossed the Atlantic when John Crown moved to the Bahamas and raced in Formula Carribean (which sounds like the world's most laid back racing) in the Bahamas Speed Weeks. Building up its air miles, it returned to the UK and is now with Nick.

For those unfamiliar with the Terrapin, it was based on Mini components (usually a 1071 Series A engine) and plans were available for home constructors. It was noted for the excellence of its handling, attributed to Allan's careful suspension design.





Readers may recall that a few weeks ago the Labour Party's Twitter feed was hacked and the popular promise appeared of owls for all citizens. This gives us the excuse to re-run a picture of Michael Dale at Ewen Sergison's wedding. It was suggested that the club should adopt a similar policy, but a senior spokesman commented: "The Monoposto Racing Club always tries to offer good value, enjoyable racing. This owl suggestion is clearly a joke, and we don't have any need to turn to wit to woo our members."


Kevan McLurg At Thruxton (2)

We are indebted to both Kevan and Robbie Watts for this picture, which remarkably shows Kevan's head rest/collar flying out of the 399.



One of Nigel Bland's photos from the 1983 Thruxton F3 race shows that the place hasn't changed that much. It's an insult to our readers to say it's Senna in his RT3. Aircraft enthusiasts will recognise an ex-Spanish Airforce Douglas C47 in the background.


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