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Bernie Says...

This slogan was prominent at Silverstone.

Our legal correspondent, Bill M Tilltheybleed writes "Surely there is a typo? Should it not read "Bernie says: Think before you pay $44M to a German Banker."?"

Sergio Perez - an apology

Startline, and indeed the whole Monoposto paddock, is the soul of political correctness. Hence there was horror when Sergio Perez said of Susie Wolff that he would not like a woman as a team-mate, adding that women were "better to stay in the kitchen". (Surely a great compliment as the premier trophy of Monoposto is not in fact the 1600 Championship but is the Baking Grand Prix?). However, he went on to say "SusieWolff is a great driver", (which is true) but then said: "Imagine being beaten by a woman.".

We in Mono remember a number of very successful woman drivers, but the phrase "imagine being beaten by a woman" for some reason conjures up other images.

Sergio Perez

Susie Wolff Max Mosley Suse Linux


Colin Kolles in charge at Caterham


But I bet he gets Dallara to build him a car again.

Happy to help.

Miss Pinkette Lamone of Banbury writes:

"My boy is very keen on those nice red cars. After qualifying at Slivrosnetone he said "Kimi looks a bit unhappy" but I couldn't see how he knew. Please can you help?"

Always happy to oblige, Miss Lamone. The following guide will assist you.

Kimi - happy Kimi-- unhappy Kimi - angry Kimi - constipated




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