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Thruxton - the Good news and the Bad news

The Good News

First of all we have an absolutely cracking entry with 27 names down for the 2 litres and 23 for the Moto/DBTec/1800/1600s. Not only are the leaders there but there are some old friends out for the first time this year, and a few new names. I'm particularly intrigued by the new Nick Edginton run F398.

The club's mid-summer (yes, we're nearly there) social event is gathering pace, so don't forget to bring your delicious home baking and if you haven't done so, give Simon a ring (01327 843056) or email to order BBQ tickets. After last year's effort by Dick Turpin Catering, we're not touching THAT circuit again for food, and have a whole new menu which should satisfy both the gourmets and the gourmands in the club.

Our non-racing reporter is hoping to be present on Saturday, but we need somebody to volunteer for a Sunday report - by race, by class, or report on the whole day, it's all welcome. Please email if you're brave enough. Reports are acceptable in any form doc, pdf, hand written - you could even dictate them and send them as an MP3 file (or wax cylinder if you're Jim Blockley).

"Non, merci, I 'ave just 'ad a Mono ba-ba-cue and I cannot manage a waffer thin mint"

Tony Cotton


The Bad News

We mentioned last year that thieves were about in the paddock. Simon reports that while we escaped at Rockingham the outer paddock had some thefts. It doesn't seem to have been high value racing items but rather cash and cards and the odd laptop/ipad.

Please remember to lock your stuff away, and dont rely on putting it in a drawer in an unlocked motorhome/truck. Ideally choose a secure lock (car or cab) and don't trust lockers on your truck or trailer door locks. If you want to know why I've said this, please do ask me when I'm wandering round at Thruxton or scrounging 8mm bolts off you.


Sadly, criminals are these days are so low that they need a text book.



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