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Brands Hatch: 13 September 2014
Mono 1600 Mono 1800 Duratec and Moto

A 20 car field practised for the second Monoposto race of the day with series newcomer Richard Gittings proving to be the class of the field in his Jedi Mk 6.An ex hillclimber, Richard has been racing in Formula Jedi this year, and excelled on the Brands GP circuit in qualifying 1.8 seconds quicker than his nearest rival and regular class front runner Jeremy Timms. The race commenced in a similar fashion with Richard slowly pulling away from Jeremy until the Spreads RM03 expired after 6 laps leaving Richard to claim victory by over 20 seconds in a 15 minute (not quite - MSVR seem to have their own flagging rules?) race.

A fine battle for what became second place was finally won by Jason Timms in his Spreads RM07 after he battled through a pack comprising Adrian Wright and Mark Fortune, thus achieving the Moto class championship for the year after qualifying 4th fastest. Marc unfortunately did not finish, retiring soon after taking 2nd place from Adrian in a daring manoeuvre at Paddock Hill on lap 7 having also encountered problems in practise and only managing 3 laps.

Geoff Fern (JKS) and John Whitbourn (Ray GR10) had lonely races to 4th and 5th behind Adrian, with John being the Duratec class winner. A fine Mono 1800 class winner followed John home, with Matt Hayes (Jamun) just holding off Dan Gore in a 1982 Van Dieman FF2000 car. These two batted throughout the race with Dan trying the high line into Paddock every lap but Matt managing to hold the inside until the final lap when Dan managed to take the inside line out of Clearways only for Matt to hold on and win by 0.052s!

A Mono 1800/1600 battle of Team Fern cars ran behind Matt and Dan for the majority of the race with Nigel Davers (Vauxhall Junior) just keeping Andrew Colebrooke (Van Dieman RF89) at arms length, with lappery at the end leading to Morgan McCourt in the bike engined Leastone splitting the two at the finish, all 3 covered by 1.3s.In finishing 10th overall Andrew won the poorly supported Mono 1600 class and is class champion for the year.

Completing the list of finishers in 11th and 12th overall were Mono first timer George Fowler in his 1982 Van Dieman and Douglas McLay in his Mygale. Retirements included Paul Heavey in his Leastone, Tony Cotton suffering recurring electrical issues in his Vauxhall Junior and the Jedis of Craig Hurran, Johann Spiteri and Mike Reed who pulled off at the start. Finally Len Turner had a meeting to forget in his Jedi completing only 1 lap in practise and then the outlap in the race before retiring to the pit lane.

Nigel Bland (words & pics)

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While waiting for the main event (the premier class race) we watched some special saloons wizzing round. Asst Ed thought this was a Skoda Coupe or a VW Fastback until told it was a V8 Volvo




No circuit pics so assembly and an irrelevant one.

Assembly area with the new shape Leastone at the front

Winner Richard Gittings lines up for practice in front of team mate Craig Hurran

Len Turner had a bad day. Here, he appears to be in the wrong race.