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St Cross Electronics Mono Championship 2000 and Classic
19 July 2014
Oulton Park

As with the rest of the meeting the 2 litre races were held in very wet (R1) and wet / drying (R2) conditions.

Ben Cater took pole from Robbie Watts in second, Neil Harrision in third, while Daniel Hands took Classic pole from The Man Who Loves The Rain, Terry Clark, and The Other Man Who Loves The Rain, Ian Hughes.

As regular readers will have gathered, I like the graphical lap charts. Ben Cater made the best of his pole and drove a smooth race to victory. Robbie Watts made up some of the gap established early on but settled for second while Neil Harrison had a safe third. Kevan McClurg appeared at Old Hall a bit later than his 4th on the grid would have indicated, and swapped places with Bryn Tootell, Bryn getting the upper hand for 6th. Filling the gap between in fourth and fifth was Malcolm Scott and Tony Bishop.

Whilst Daniel Hands had a trouble free drive to the Classic win, there was a close group behind him, initially led by Terry Clark who gradually fell back as the race proceeded to finish 4th in class, with Kevin Otway taking second spot and the returning Robin Dawe third. Ahead of all three, and having a bit of a dice with both Terry and Kevin, was Russ Giles, 5th in 2000.

I didn't stay long enough to pick up the tales of woe which were certainly around elsewhere in the results, for which apologies. Although it's now 3 weeks ago, please email any tales and I'll anend the post, like this one from Ian Hughes:"The race was called early, which caught me out as I was still [deleted]ing about deciding whether to put wets/slicks on. Upshot - wets and start from the pitlane. Good race overtook loads of cars to finish 5th in the end. V pleased as starting to find some speed in the car after all the recent suspension changes."

Pirating Facebook gives Kevan McLurg's story: "Off the line with a bad start with wheel spin and I missed the 1st to 2nd gear change. I dropped to 7th and that's where I finished."


1 82 20 1 Ben CATER Dallara F301 8 15:06.289
2 1 20 2 Robbie WATTS Lola F106/03 8 15:17.405
3 10 20 3 Neil HARRISON Dallara F302 8 15:22.466
4 3 20 4 Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 8 15:32.763
5 7 20 5 Tony BISHOP Dallara F304 8 15:35.078
6 26 20 6 Bryn TOOTELL Dallara F398 8 15:38.114
7 2 20 7 Kevan MCLURG Dallara F397 8 15:39.207
8 55 CI 1 Daniel HANDS Van Diemen 01 8 15:58.579
9 5 20 8 Russ GILES Dallara F398 8 16:03.829
10 44 CI 2 Kevin OTWAY Van Diemen 8 16:04.898
11 24 CI 3 Robin DAWE Vauxhall Lotus 8 16:05.530
12 32 CI 4 Terry CLARK Reynard 903 8 16:07.711
13 31 CI 5 Ian HUGHES Van Diemen RF88/XL 8 16:28.551
14 21 CI 6 Alistair BELL Reynard 883 8 16:38.144
15 30 CI 7 Paul ARMITAGE Van Diemen RF98 8 17:03.846
16 42 20 9 Nathan CORRIDON Reynard 883 7 15:07.289
17 15 CI 8 Richard SNUGGS Dallara F387 7 15:08.732
18 20 20 io Lee MCCRUMLISH Dallara F395 7 16:46.339
19 25 CI 9 Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 6 15:15.838
DNF 120 CI   Jeremy GOODMAN Ralt RT3 2 4:49.040
DNF 61 CI   Adrian HOLEY Reynard 913 2 7:30.621
DNF 91 20   Jonathon HUGHES Dallara F310 2 9:15.721
DNF 99 CI   Mat JORDAN Van Diemen RF99 0  
  82 20   Ben CATER Dallara F301 7 1:50.593
  24 CI   Robin DAWE Vauxhall Lotus 8 1:55.198

Race 2

This was an amazing result, from reporting from the lap chart, but it was later explained by Our Man On The Spot With Carrot Cake. From 8th on the grid Tony Bishop had a dreadful first lap and dropped to 12th. He made up 5 places on lap 2, and then from lap 4 the lap times tumbled to down in the 1.40's - a best on lap 5 of 1.45, with the next quickest driver Jonathon Hughes (a leading light in Formula Junior in a BT6, the only other sub 50). With such relentless speed it was almost inevitable that poor Malcolm Scott was just pipped on the last lap for second spot. Robbie Watts shadowed Malcolm for 4 laps but then slowed dramaticaly, limping to the finish, leaving Jonathon Hughes to take a short lease on the third step. Daniel Hands was fourth on the road, and won Classic, and pretty much kept himself to himself. Russ Giles had a cracking battle with Robin Dawe until they separated on lap5, Russ going on to 4th in class, whereas Robin slowed a little and was edged out by Neil Harrison and Terry Clark, Neil making up places after a difficult first lap.Nathan Corridon and Paul Armitage were also close runners, initiaaly just behind Alistair Bell who fell away in lap 5 and after. Kevin Couling showed masterful consistency in the wet, in probably the most modestly powered car on the grid, to pick up 13th.

Thereafter there were tales of woe. The only one I know is Ian Hughes who was kind enough to email me so will get a piece of cake at some point."Into assembly nice and early this time!! However, main ignition switch threw a wobbler at start up and so I had to start from the back, although at least I was on the grid this time! Overtook 10 cars on the first lap and fought my way back up to 5th before retiring with no water in the engine and a lightly poached backside (the radiator cap had blown off!)........nice!".

Kevan McLurg writes, and explains Tony's performance: " With the sun out and track drying, do we fit slicks or wets? We all went out on wets bar 1 driver. I had the thought that slicks would be a worthy gamble - lose the start and win the race later as it dried. I wasn't the one on the slicks!

I started the race in 2nd gear with a bit of wheel spin with the run to first corner and 2nd spot with third place squeezing me out at the 2nd corner but I came back at him for the rest of the lap running side by side through some corners, crossing the line for lap 2 in thrid spot (it's 4th on the lap chart - asst ed) and on his tail ran wide through turn 1 and round the back end went on the wet grass, across the circuit heading to the opposite side of the track (shades of Raikkonen - asst ed) not slowing up enough. The rear wing was ripped clean off against the barrier and I saw it fly through the air in my mirror! I had the car in first gear to pull away and carry on but the marshal was waving at me so I thought I had bent suspension but there was nothing wrong! The guy who started on slicks (Tony Bishop) way down the grid ended up winning on the last few corners as the track dried and slicks came good."

Thanks Kevan.Cake for you too.

1 7 20 1 Tony BISHOP Dallara F304 7 13:08.162
2 3 20 2 Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 7 13:09.592
3 91 20 3 Jonathon HUGHES Dallara F310 7 13:17.706
4 55 CI 1 Daniel HANDS Van Diemen 01 7 13:24.887
5 5 20 4 Russ GILES Dallara F398 7 13:29.674
6 10 20 5 Neil HARRISON Dallara F302 7 13:36.447
7 32 CI 2 Terry CLARK Reynard 903 7 13:37.917
8 24 CI 3 Robin DAWE Vauxhall Lotus 7 13:38.074
9 44 CI 4 Kevin OTWAY Van Diemen 7 13:38.799
10 42 20 6 Nathan CORRIDON Reynard 883 7 13:55.122
11 30 CI 5 Paul ARMITAGE Van Diemen RF98 7 13:56.546
12 21 CI 6 Alistair BELL Reynard 883 7 14:09.423
13 25 CI 7 Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 7 14:09.811
14 1 20 7 Robbie WATTS Lola F106/03 7 14:26.406
15 20 20 8 Lee MCCRUMLISH Dallara F395 6 13:13.129
DNF1 31 CI   Ian HUGHES Van Diemen RF88/XL 4 8:02.873
DNF2 2 20   Kevan MCLURG Dallara F397 1 1:59.810
DNF3 61 CI   Adrian HOLEY Reynard 913 1 2:21.275
DNF4 82 20   Ben CATER Dallara F301 1 2:43.070
DNF5 26 20   Bryn TOOTELL Dallara F398 0  
  7 20   Tony BISHOP Dallara F304 5 1:45.537
  44 CI   Kevin OTWAY Van Diemen 5




Tony Cotton

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