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The Parkinson Oulton, August Bank Holiday 2014

It’s quite a while since I’ve written anything for Startline but as I was at Oulton Park over the bank holiday weekend with my little pal, Michael Dale, I thought I’d scribble a few lines. There were two races that I was particularly interested in. These being the historic Formula 3 and the Formula 5000.

The historic Formula 3 cars with the 1000cc screamer engines are really beautiful machines and as two of the competitors were Mono men it was even more interesting. Jim Timms (senior) and Jim Blockley (junior) were the two drivers, both with Brabhams, and were ably supported by Nick Catanzaro and Ewen Sergison respectively. Unfortunately both drivers complained of a problem with the cars and were both further back on the grid than their more normal positions. Senior Jim improved in the Sunday race from 17th on the grid to finish 11th but Junior Jim stayed in his eighth place grid slot for the entire race in spite of him leading the championship. Senior Jim had finished but Junior Jim had entered a second race on the Monday so serious work commenced on the car to try and alleviate the problem of poor pick up from the start and out of corners. Unfortunately the car retained its problem for the Monday race and though Jim finished several places higher up it was not as it should be so more work prior to the next meeting at Dijon. TheFormula 5000/2 cars looked very impressive in the garages with their huge tyres but on track, a wet track admittedly; the most notable thing about them was the tremendous noise when they were under power.

I was very disappointed when I learned that Simon Davey had decided to end his association as coordinator with the Monoposto club. It is my belief that he did the club a tremendous amount of good during his five year term. So the very best of luck Simon, in regard to whatever you choose to turn your talents to next and of course on a personnel note as well. I trust you will be invited to the dinner to preside over the trophy awards as you have done all season.

And after saying goodbye from him, it’s now goodbye from me. Well maybe to an extent. Silverstone was to all intents and purposes my last race with Mono as I’ve decided to sell my car. I intend to put it on the for sale part of the website along with my trailer, jacks, wheels etc. If the package doesn’t go than I will possibly do some selected races next season but definitely not a full season.

I think I’ve done seventeen seasons with Mono and never considered racing with another club. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every minute, particularly the blow ups and the crashes etc that have to be suffered from time to time, but I have enjoyed most of it and made some good friends that without the racing I would never have met.

I decided to stop racing for several reasons.

1. I am seventy years of age later on this year and whilst never being an outstanding driver I have had some good races yet realise I am not as fast as I was just a couple of years ago and would hate to be the roadblock at the back of the field.
2. I’ve had a bad back and dodgy knees for some years but my mobility is definitely getting worse. The scrutineer had to help me out of the car when I was stood in it for weighing purposes.
3. I have always enjoyed the luxury of always earning more than I could spend until I retired but with such low interest rates and continued taxation I find my capital shrinking so money is another valid reason for stopping.
4. For some years my wife and I have been thinking of selling our house and going for something a bit smaller. Several places we’ve looked at have been ideal except for garage and general space outside. Some of these have had either just a single garage or some a double but little other room. I have a 35 by 12ft workshop which takes the race car and my wife’s car and a further 19 by 10ft garage for my car trailer. I still have plenty of room for the Transit van and my builder type trailer. So if I get rid of the race car, the car trailer and the van then a normal double garage and maybe a shed will be quite adequate.
5. In case you’re wondering why I’m not doing the last championship meeting at Brands, It’s to make a point. After various questionnaires the club no longer go to Cadwell Park, Croft or Anglesey because it’s too far for some of the southern softies. It wouldn’t be too bad if Simon hadn’t advised at the last AGM that circuits south of Silverstone had lost money whilst those to the north had made profits. I have definitely got second place in the 1600 championship so I can miss Brands without any loss of position. I would rather have missed Thruxton but that early in the season you don’t know.

David Parkinson

Jim Blockley (pic 1000ccF3 HRA)

JB's Brabham (pic:Ewen Sergison)

Jim Timms (pic 1000ccF3 HRA)Gold Cup website showed5000/F2 cars splashing.

News of David's retirement has spread quickly.