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St Cross Electronics Mono Championship
17 August 2014


When the race was in its rainy, wet progress I was watching another event in the Worcestershire countryside, worried that the sun was burning my head. So I need to rely on data and drivers' comments. Unlike the first few graphs I've done, these 2 show the total difference between the lap time of the driver and the average of the winner (rather than the lap-by-lap difference). Stick with me if you don't do maths.Obviously, where the lines cross there's a change of position, a straight line means consistent lap times, one getting steeper upwards is slowing lap times and one getting less steep or sloping down is speeding up. Additionally, one sloping down is faster than the winner's average lap. Lines close together mean close racing. The world's most boring race would have a load of lines radiating, straight, evenly spaced, from the origin (0,0). I like spreadsheets even more than I like FVJ's.

The race split into a leading group of 4, led by a spectacularly consistent Dan Clowes (Moto/1). Then Peter Venn started to speed up dramatically to take a commanding win. Robbie Watts (2000/2) shadowed Dan, and Kevan McLurg (2000/3) slowed slightly towards the end, showing his usual cunning and preserving the 301 from unneccesary stress. Cian Carey, again started from the back but by the end of lap 2 was through the bulk of the pack, and by the end of lap 3 was in clear air. His laps were a match for Peter and had he started further up we may have seen a memorable tussle. Nonetheless, he got fastest lap.

Terry Clark in his Van Diemen was 6th overall, slowed down at the end - and why not with class victory assured, wasn't that Jackie Stewart's maxim? Everybody was surely delighted for him after the troubles the team has had with the 903 over the last couple of years. Jason Timms (Moto/2) and Neil Harrison, returning from the wilderness of Saturday, broke away from Jeremy Timms (Moto/2) and Malcolm Scott at the end. Graham Read might well have challenged the Timms Cousins had he not stumbled on lap 2.

Thomas Craincourt again made DTec his own, while it looked for much of the race as though James Rimmer (Classic/3) would take second in Classic, until he slowed dramatically on the last 2 laps allowing the smooth and consistent Cathay Pacific captain Alistair Bell into Classic Second.

Meanwhile, in the depelted but still competitive Dtec, 1600 and 1800 classes, Thomas Craincourt (Dtec/1) had the advantage over John Whitbourn (Dtec/2), who might have had a closer race had he not stumbled in some way that the data doesn't tell me on lap 2 (email me John and I'll put it in!). Doug McLay (Dtec/3) passed John during his lap of woe, but was caught and re- passed on the last lap.

Paul Britten did well to feature in the overall top 20 in an 1800, and dominated 1800 to win from Nigel Davers and Richard Greening, the latter delighted to have a cup at his first Mono meeting.Matt Hayes looked to be heading for second, having had a slowish start, passed Dave Parkinson and then dropped out a lap from the end.

The 1600 class was down to 3. Andrew Colebrook (1600/1) showed an incredible consistency (you can tell by how straight the line is) to take victory from team-mate Adrian Heath (1600/2) leaving DP to pick up the cup for 1600/3.

Leading Driver comments (Race 2) (more to come, we hope, please email if you have anything to say):

Peter Venn: "We put the "normal" wing on and decided before the race what changes we would need to make if it rained. Set off on the warm up with the light rain and thought "this could be interesting" but as the rain got heavier it was obviously the right call by race control to red flag it. Back to the pits and put the full wet set-up on - no trade secrets to share with you all but we do change quite a lot - and it works. It was good team work as we had discussed before the race who would do what if we needed to switch to the wet set-up and it all worked perfectly and they turned me around quicker than some teams who just changed tyres.

Come the race start I could run with Robbie and Dan without problem, it was a good close scrap for the first lap or so - racing with Robbie is good, we had scraps before when I was in the Anson - hard but fair.. Robbie struggles for top speed ( the Ford is down on power compared to the Opel) so once I got alongside I could pass. Things were tougher with Dan. Again, I've raced with Dan wheel to wheel before (at Spa in the Anson) so we know and respect one another. The Jedi has terrific acceleration but struggled for traction out of the slower corners so time and again I was able to get alongside him at the exit of slower corners, only for him to pull it back as his better acceleration showed. We were fairly even on top speed so this resulted in us getting to the end of the straights and entering the faster corners side by side on several occasions - definitely side by side through Copse, through Stowe (more then once) and the full length of the Wellington straight and around Brooklands. Finally I got an opening when he was a little wider entering Luffield and I was able to force the nose inside, get on the power earlier and hold him out wide on the exit. We ran side by side for the first part of pit straight but I had the inside and was by before Copse and was then able to pull away. I had a scare late on when coming up to lap two red cars - Bryn Tootell and whoever was ahead of him - and the front guy spun in Beckets and Bryn spun to avoid him Fortunately for me, they went one either way and I was able to drive straight through the middle - Moses and the parting of the waters... After that, the last couple of laps were straightforward - it was drying out but the tyres were still good."

Dan Clowes:"The rain in Race 2 proved particularly challenging for my lightweight Jedi 1000 against the heavier Mono 2000 cars. Scrabbling for grip out of the slow corners only to see Peter Venn seemingly cruise alongside as we headed down the next straight and another late braking duel before slithering into the next corner. Great racing, fast, hard and fair. Inevitably Peter made a move stick and streaked away to a well-deserved win.If only Race 2 had been dry, maybe, just maybe an overall win was possible.

Can I please thank all those who rushed to help in the mad dash to change from slicks to wets before race 2. I wouldn't have made the start without the help of other competitors and their teams."

Terry Clark: "Like most, we were not really prepared for the downpour and it was a bit frantic in the pits. My team, Steve and new student Neil, told me to stay in the car while they frantically swapped the wheels, only to find one was flat, because someone nicked our adapter overnight and we didn’t get round to sorting out power for the compressor. They got it all sorted though and made what adjustments they could. Thanks lads, all I had to do was adjust my bias. I made the right gear choice this time for the rolling start and got a good run down in to Copse. James Rimmer managed to slip past at Stowe through the spray on a busy first lap. We both passed Daniel on the exit of Stowe next lap when he ran wide, but I think had a problem. I managed to reel James back in and pass through Brooklands and then to pull a gap. It was a fairly clear run from there to the end on a drying track, apart from a half spin at the Arena hairpin being too optimistic trying to chase Cian Carey. The car felt great and I had a few laps to think about what would break or go wrong, but thankfully nothing did which makes a really pleasant change. Delighted with the result, a first class win in Mono for me and fastest lap was also good to see. The car was obviously a good decision after the trouble we have had over the last couple of years with the 903, though there is still unfinished business there….."

John Whitbourn: "In race two I was right with Thomas and Paul for a lap and half but I got on the power too hard and early exiting Becketts (Chapel?) trying to get a run on both of them down the Hanger straight. It was a minor spin flicked into a 360 and off again. I then tried too hard to catch them and had another spin coming onto the national straight, this time I was driving it backwards down the straight at about 40mph with cars streaming passed on both sides and I had to wait an age before I could safely flick it around and safely drive forward down the straight. It was the first time I had used Duratec Dunlop wets and driven the peaky powered Duratec in the rain. Had great fun drive more carefully (I did not want to bend the new car) back up the field had a good dice with Douglas and especially Will Arif on the second to last lap.

I think my lap to the grid from the paddock might have been my fastest! Having had to drive back to the paddock and changing to my wet tyres with the help of my wife."

Paul Britten: "Now, it's fair to say I'm not a 'morning person' so a race at 9.45am wouldn't have been my first choice but that was to be the least of my worries once we'd left the assembly area. All was well until the heavens opened halfway through the warm-up lap and the race was red-flagged. A wise move on the part of the Clerk of the Course but some of us were then faced with the dilemma of how to put wets on (which were still in the outer paddock) without any mechanics. I gambled on driving back to the paddock, as did a number of others, and prepared myself for some blind panic. Fortunately Matt (Walters) and Ewen (Sergison) appeared and set about changing the tyres for me whilst I ran around like a headless chicken looking for some Rain-X. Simon (Davey) then appeared and torqued up my wheel bolts and in a little more than 5 minutes I was back in the pit-lane ready to go. God knows how long it would have taken me (or what I'd have forgotten to do) without their help so it's a massive thank you to all three. Back on track the next problem to contend with was the extraordinary amount of spray in the middle of a 50 car grid. As the race started it became apparent that the rain lights were pretty much invisible in a wall of water so I just hoped for the best and left a few car lengths between me and the car in front. A lap later and the visibility wasn't much better so it wasn't until the third or fourth lap that I actually started to make any progress by which time the field had become pretty spread out. Having said that it was still an enjoyable race as we tried to mix it with some of the Classic field again and anyone else that had been delayed by the conditions.
Overall it was a great weekend, a sentiment that I hope is shared by many others. I felt that driving standards were excellent and my fears of a race riddled by safety car periods proved to be unfounded. Thanks to all those who helped and to Simon for looking after us at a meeting that's clearly a minefield when it comes to organisation."

Andrew Colebrooke: "The 2nd race was even stranger than the first. As well as the penalties from the previous day once again creating a mish-mashed grid, the rain made everything just that little bit more chaotic. I have to confess that at the end of the first warm up lap I was not aware that there was going to be a second, so upon seeing no lights on when I got to the pit straight (and being too far down the grid to see the safety car) I floored it, and must have overtaken some 5 or 6 rows before I noticed the safety car and (feeling fairly embarrassed) allowed everyone back past me again. I thought I'd had an amazing start!! Once the race eventually got under way properly (at this point I have to thank everyone at TFR for their brilliant work getting me onto wet tyres in plenty of time to get back out onto the grid) the first two laps were once again spent staying out of trouble as faster cars made their way past me and a wall of spray ahead meant that any spinning/stationary cars would have been near impossible to avoid. Considering my class rivals started from the pit lane, the rest of the race was really just making sure not to fall foul of the wet conditions and keep all four wheels pointing the same way until the end. An action packed weekend."

Daniel Hands: "Race 2 was a disaster as after working all night to get a new clutch in, the plug for the coil was not inserted correctly and the car came to a halt. The car broke down in the new wing complex, so Idecided to have a wander round and make use of their lovely toilet facilities, so all was not too bad!" [Toilet reviews represent a first for Startline.- asst ed]

Kevan McLurg: "We were in the assembly area with rain predicted which duly came as we were on our green flag lap behind the safety car. The start was delayed and there was a mad rush in the pitlane to fit the wets and get the race started. A rolling start and I made another good start from 10th up to 4th by the 3rd corner hunting down the lead bunch.I was pulling them back in on lap 4 when I nipped up the rear under braking for the Vale chicane with a full 360 spin and lost ground to 4th spot. A lap later coming out of the chicane over the new start finish line with another spin this time heading backwards towards the pitwall and I thought "here we go again rear wing off" but fortunatley the car swung back round and I selected gear. I was off again this time dropping a spot to 5th but a lap later 4th place ran off the road and I was back to 4th for the last lap. Now to sort out the wiring loom for Brands Hatch GP race in 4 weeks time "

1 6 2000 1 Peter VENN Dallara F301 8 20:21.380     86.31 2:29.328 6
2 8 Moto 1 Dan CLOWES Jedi Mk6 8 20:34.310 12.93 12.93 85.4 2:32.093 5
3 1 2000 2 Robbie WATTS Lola F106/03 8 20:39.021 17.641 4.711 85.08 2:31.407 5
4 2 2000 3 Kevan MCLURG Dallara F397 8 20:44.393 23.013 5.372 84.71 2:32.290 3
5 19 2000 4 Cian CAREY Formula Renault 8 20:49.865 28.485 5.472 84.34 2:28.361 8
6 32 Classic 1 Terry CLARK Reynard 903 8 21:18.238 56.858 28.373 82.47 2:33.453 6
7 111 Moto 2 Jason TIMMS Speads RM07 8 21:27.458 1:06.078 9.22 81.88 2:35.064 7
8 10 2000 5 Neil HARRISON Dallara F302 8 21:31.365 1:09.985 3.907 81.63 2:35.289 8
9 4 Moto 3 Jeremy TIMMS Speads RM03 8 21:33.983 1:12.603 2.618 81.47 2:36.183 8
10 3 2000 6 Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 8 21:36.221 1:14.841 2.238 81.33 2:37.779 6
11 34 Moto 4 Graham READ Dallara F301 8 21:36.507 1:15.127 0.286 81.31 2:33.925 8
12 27 Dtec 1 Thomas CRAINCOURT Mygales SJ08 8 21:43.451 1:22.071 6.944 80.87 2:36.401 8
13 21 Classic 2 Alistair BELL Reynard 883 8 21:50.242 1:28.862 6.791 80.46 2:38.474 7
14 22 Classic 3 James RIMMER Mygale 8 21:50.874 1:29.494 0.632 80.42 2:36.109 6
15 112 2000 7 Martin DALY Fomula Renault 8 21:53.776 1:32.396 2.902 80.24 2:35.665 7
16 5 2000 8 Russ GILES Dallara F398 8 21:58.977 1:37.597 5.201 79.92 2:41.624 3
17 44 Classic 4 Kevin OTWAY Van Diemen 8 22:03.458 1:42.078 4.481 79.65 2:37.829 6
18 61 Classic 5 Adrian HOLEY Reynard 913 8 22:13.276 1:51.896 9.818 79.07 2:41.758 8
19 124 Classic 6 Robin DAWE Vauxhall Lotus 8 22:15.497 1:54.117 2.221 78.93 2:39.170 7
20 42 1800 1 Paul BRITTEN Van Diemen RF00 8 22:21.096 1:59.716 5.599 78.6 2:42.015 8
21 99 Classic 7 Mat JORDAN Van Diemen RF99 8 22:22.488 2:01.108 1.392 78.52 2:41.329 6
22 14 2000 9 Mark SMITH Dallara F395 8 22:34.174 2:12.794 11.686 77.84 2:43.544 5
23 155 1600 1 Andrew COLEBROOKE Van Diemen RF89 8 22:48.243 2:26.863 14.069 77.04 2:46.875 8
24 25 Classic 8 Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 8 22:56.017 2:34.637 7.774 76.61 2:43.715 6
25 12 Classic 9 Peter WHITMORE Reynard 913 8 23:02.026 2:40.646 6.009 76.28 2:45.398 5
26 134 Classic 10 Andrew BARRON Formula Vauxall Lotus 8 23:02.341 2:40.961 0.315 76.26 2:44.364 6
27 26 2000 10 Bryn TOOTELL Dallara F398 8 23:15.044 2:53.664 12.703 75.56 2:42.766 6
28 64 Dtec 2 John WHITBOURN Ray GR10 7 20:30.060 1 Lap 1 Lap 74.99 2:46.494 7
29 71 Moto 5 Geoff FERN JKS TFR 11 7 20:31.485 1 Lap 1.425 74.9 2:43.399 7
30 143 Classic 11 Wil ARIF Mygale 7 20:35.144 1 Lap 3.659 74.68 2:51.949 7
31 91 Dtec 3 Douglas MCLAY Mygale SJ10 7 20:40.577 1 Lap 5.433 74.35 2:50.431 6
32 36 Classic 12 Mike HATTON Vauxhall Lotus 7 20:40.981 1 Lap 0.404 74.33 2:48.626 5
33 88 1600 2 Adrian HEATH Vauxhall Formula Junior 7 21:01.173 1 Lap 20.192 73.14 2:48.764 5
34 11 2000 11 Mark SCHOFIELD Dallara F397 7 21:03.331 1 Lap 2.158 73.01 2:46.135 7
35 16 Moto 6 Johann SPITERI Jedi Mk6 7 21:23.209 1 Lap 19.878 71.88 2:52.996 4
36 66 1600 3 David PARKINSON Reynard FF 7 22:02.688 1 Lap 39.479 69.74 3:00.726 4
37 24 Classic 13 Phil ANSTRUTHER Bowman BC3 7 22:06.217 1 Lap 3.529 69.55 2:59.692 3
38 86 1800 2 Nigel DAVERS Vauxhall Formula Junior 7 22:33.928 1 Lap 27.711 68.13 2:55.382 7
39 69 1800 3 Richard GREENING Swift SC98 7 23:17.804 1 Lap 43.876 65.99 3:02.072 6
40 77 Classic 14 Peter RATCLIFFE Vauxhall Lotus 6 20:51.614 2 Laps 1 Lap 63.17 3:04.373 5
NOT CLASSIFIED                
DNF 7 2000   Tony BISHOP Dallara F304 6 15:26.478 2 Laps   85.34 2:30.142 5
DNF 60 1800   Matt HAYES Jamun M97Z 6 18:44.873 2 Laps 3:18.395 70.28 2:57.063 4
DNF 55 Classic   Daniel HANDS Van Diemen 01 1 2:50.486 7 Laps 5 Laps 77.29    
DNF 41 Moto   Kevin WARING Jedi Mk6 0            
DNF 94 1600   Jock SERGISON Highlander III 0            
DNF 73 2000   Daryl JONES Dallara F302 0            
DNF 35 Classic   Simon LONNERGAN Formula Vauxhall Lotus 0            
DNF 17 2000   Kevin MASON Dallara F301 0            
DNF 62 1800   Richard REEVE Reynard SF84 0            
FASTEST LAP                
  19 2000   Cian CAREY Formula Renault 8 2:28.361 88.82 mph   1 42.94 kph  
  8 Moto   Dan CLOWES Jedi Mk6 5 2:32.093 86.64 mph   1 39.43 kph  
  32 Classic   Terry CLARK Reynard 903 6 2:33.453 85.87 mph   1 38.20 kph  
  27 Dtec   Thomas CRAINCOURT Mygales SJ08 8 2:36.401 84.25 mph   1 35.59 kph  
  42 1800   Paul BRITTEN Van Diemen RF00 8 2:42.015 81.33 mph   1 30.89 kph  
  155 1600   Andrew COLEBROOKE Van Diemen RF89 8 2:46.875 78.96 mph   1 27.08 kph  


By the way, over at Shelsley I witnessed a Hayabusa powered car doing 142mph up a windy country road. Like this.

Tony Cotton

Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. Subheadlines and captions are not originated from the named author. We are unable to reproduce results due to copyright reasons. If any pictures are copyright and the owner wishes them removed please email us.


The first lap of the green flag lapsWetter by the startLooks bad from outside the pack, within the pack there's nothing to seeMat Jordan and Wil Arif

Peter Venn challenges Dan ClowesDoug McLay and Kevin CoulingDan and Peter againPhil Anstruther droive the Bowman with brio

Close racing the right way

Close racing the wrong wayCian CareyNeil Harrison and Malcolm ScottGraham Read

Bryn Tootell, back in one piece

Kevan McLurg, at one point in many pieces


Photos by Norwich Photo/Jonathan Henchman, with thanks apart from K McLurg photo