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Before I went to Spa, I visited a chap in the Gatwick area who has a driving game with all the major race tracks built into it - so it's a Nintendo / PSP kind of thing - but it's built into an old Lotus Europa! So you sit in the driver's seat and the game is projected onto the garage wall, which you look at through the windscreen. The steering wheel and gear shift are all in the usual places so it's a bit of a laugh.

I spent a couple of hours on it trying to learn the Spa track before we went, and he as keen to offer the use of his car / simulator to the Monoposto competitors. He suggested that we could organise a curry evening at his house with a few beers while we see who gets the best time. I think that having gone to the trouble of building it, he's keen to get it used! He has a big sort of country place with lots of garages and cars.

Asst Editor Adds:

I believe that there is also a simulator owned by one of the "Northern Mafia", so it is possible that we could have a North/South divide and a run off between the two?

If you are interested either email Startline or put something on the forum.

An early Europa. Engine was of course from a Renault 16.


Snetterton technology

2 aspects of newish technology were visible at Snetterton. The safety lights around the circuit seemed to be temendously effective and hard to miss, and a major step forward in secondary safety.

Also of interest was the scanning of tickets on the way in, presumably to avoid tickets being "recycled". If this process is being generally adopted, it does of couse mean that it would be possible for tickets to be emailed out rather than posted and then simply printed at home. Or even present an image of the bar code on your phone or ipad.

Older readers will recall Patrick Huston, erstwhile editor of this organ, making such suggestions about 5 or 6 years ago. (T.C.)

A Cautionary Tale On Security

Towing back from Snetterton a Black MiniCooper pulled alongside me and a pretty blonde woman waved quite furiously. My first thought was that I had somehow been mistaken for either Poster Boy of the Premier Class, David Parkinson, or even International Celebrity Jim Blockley. They're always fighting off groupies. When the same thing happened with a bloke in a white van I pulled over and was disappointed to find my trailer door open. Fortunately nothing fell out. It's a "barn" type, ie 2 doors open from the side, one has a couple of bolts on it and the other is held to the first by a catch. A bit of rubbing had broken the catch at it's weak point, a zinc diecasting.

If anybody, as I did, relies on a single catch I would advise you to add some others. Examples are shown.

On a related note, I'm not sure if everybody knows that the locks on some trailers aren't secure. The reason is that a single standard key is used by many industrial locks. I once went down the side of a brand new £100k trailer scaring its owner by unlocking all its compartments with my own key. I won't describe the keys, since this is a public website, but if you're at all concerned about whether locking your trailer/transporter or its compartments means anything please email me here and as long as I recognise your name as a Monoposto member I will let you know the key to look for. If you are concerned, the locks can be changed very simply by flipping them out with a screwdriver and getting a new one from a locksmith..(TC)

A "Gravelley Fastener" requires only a couple of holes drilling and secures the door externally as a secondary means. Something as basic as this could add a bit of safety.






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