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Walter Hayes Trophy - 2 November 2014, Allcomers Open Wheel Race

Mono + Libre by another name?

The Walter Hayes Trophy is undoubtedly one of the best events of the year to watch, though mysteriously it remains one where spectators unconnected to the participants are a rare commodity. Apart from that, it's like a time machine back to the 80's. Close racing, nothing one-make, variety, interest, and commentator Ian Titchmarsh using the "Silverstone-type finish" line. The MSA and the FIA must hate it because it shows just where they've gone wrong. And who can argue with a meeting where a Lamborghini Gallardo and a BMC Mini are in the same race, and another with a Capri, a Radical, and a March 707 CanAm car.

The main event was won by Wayne Boyd (from row 7) after neither of the front row made it to the end of lap 1. Dan Fox, ace Mono fettler/builder and occasional racer with us, raced in organiser James Beckett's PRS and finished 10th in the Historic Final.

The Libre race ("Open Wheel Scratch Race Sponsored by CE Facilities") was the closest to Mono. Held in wet conditions, it was won by Henry Chart, an F3 Cup competitor, so technically a Mono member, in an F3 Dallara which looked nailed to the track. Former champion Mark Harrison in his F306 lost out on the first lap but regained his grid position of 2nd after 10 laps chasing Cian Carey in the Formula Renault he ran with us. Cian eventually finished 3rd, while Ray Rowan, having so much enjoyed his Tiedeman outing at Snetterton provided much entertainment. He was solely responsible for the wet weather having bought new slicks, and ran 3rd on the first lap but dropped as low as 6th at one point, only to fight back to fourth. 5th placed Josh West, in the Speedsport Van Diemen Duratec FF with wings seen at Rockingham, narrowly edged out Combe Tiedeman man Chris Lord, wringing the neck of the RF82 in such esteemed company. Lou Watts brought the Mygale (curiously down as a Migal UR2 Van Diemen - sounds like a telephone entry to me) into 11th after what can only be described as a lurid spin in front of the BRDC grandstand. Amongst the non finishers, Matt Hayes, possibly there for the family Trophy? was out in the usual green Jamun, pitting only 4 laps from the end, while the final Mono connection of which I'm aware (apart from a couple of F3 Cup runners) was Myles Castaldini in a bike powered RF94, which I think might be the ex Peter Dittman car.

Tony Cotton


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Matt Hayes lost it under braking for Brooklands.... did Lou Watts.


Chris Lord, Ray Rowan and Josh West splash their way towards Luffield

A close battle between Ray Rowan and Chris Lord

Mark Harrison catches and passes Cian Carey

Pics Nigel Bland