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Frontal Head Restraints

The forum has contained some discussion on Frontal Head Retraints which become mandatory in 2015 or 2016.The discussion has been most enlightening, but we thought that a few quotes might be of interest. Sadly, the MSA doesn't publish the edict in a copy-and-pastable form, so I trust I will not be chastised for retyping the MSA Magazine announcement.


Council rule applies to 21st century single-seaters from 2015 and all circuit racers from 2016.

Frontal Head Restraints (FHRs) will become a mandatory piece of safety equipment for drivers of post-2000 single-seaters next season and all circuit racers - except historic - from 2016, following a new ruling by the Motor Sports Council. The 2015 MSA Yearbook will require drivers of single-seaters built after January 1 2000 to use an FHR. This will extend to all types of circuit racing from 2016, with the exception of defined period vehicles. A recent presentation of the evidence of research by the FIA Institute underlined that FHRs represent perhaps the single biggest step forward in personal safety equipment in modern times. In parallel with the new regulations, Council has asked the MSA to undertake a process of education to highlight within the relevant areas of the sport the significant benefits to competitors of wearing such a device even if it is not mandatory in their particular area. The new rules can be found at A PDF document with advice and guidance is available in the resource centre on the MSA website. (Startline asst editor's note - good luck finding it because I couldn't)

The actual rule is:

(Q) Circuit Racing
Date of implementation: 1 January 2015
10.1(e) An FIA approved FHR device, fitted in accordance with FIA regulations, is: (i) Mandatory for the driver of a Single Seater Racing Car manufactured after 01/01/2000
(ii) Recommended for the driver in all other forms of Circuit Racing. This will be a mandatory requirement from 1st January 2016, with the exception of Period Defined Vehicles which will remain as a recommendation.

Fortunately we have some help from Alister Poulter, our eligibility scrutineer, who writes

"This seems to be an appropriate point to get in contact as hopefully I can be of some help to the club members.

Having seen the forum traffic with regards to FHR I remember what I had been told at one of our scrutineers' training seminars in the past. Attached is a link to the FIA’s guide to use of HANS devices.

If you get really bored there are two other interesting links:

The FIA standard for FRH’s

FIA – A drivers guide to safer motorsport

If I get any more details from the MSA I will let you know.

Thanks - Alister Poulter
Mono 2014 Eligibility Scrutineer"

More links

The two big advocates in Mono of voluntary FRH's are Geoff Fern and Steven Griffin. One's hit a barrier head on at high speed, the other is a renowned surgeon with years of experience, currently operating in Dubai. Different types of experience, both invaluable.

And if you wonder how to get your belts to fit, where would we be without Dermot (and James Ledamun):


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