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Tiedeman Trophy, Rounds 3& 4 CSCC Snetterton 18 October 2014

The signs for the meeting weren't good. A lovely new dual carriageway had been built to by pass a trouble spot on the A11 and was finished but coned off causing long delays. The timekeepers were late arriving and it looked as though we might not be timed. And it rained overnight. Oh, and some of the trophies had gone missing, lost between the carriers and the circuit. But CSCC don't let circumstances get in their way, and the organisation made sure we had a great day.


As the cars left the assembly area and reached the hairpin at Montreal, at least one driver was glad he wasn't first out because he thought we were on the 300. Good job Tony Bishop who was first out does read the finals. Tony was on pole in the “wet but not raining” qualifying session. It was a bit of a surprise that it was by over a second from Malcolm Scott, who in turn was ahead of Ray Rowan's F3 spec F305, and returnee Keith Linforth, once more in Peter Venn's F399, and 8/1000 behind Ray. At 90mph that's 32cm. Nigel Davers led the non-Dallaras in the JKS TFR10. I think this is the first time I've seen 2 Team Fern JKS's out together, certainly an impressive sight, and in fact Geoff followed Nigel on the grid.

Kevin Couling's smooth style led the Classics, which considering the rapid Shane Kelly was next up must have given him some degree of pride, though it must be said that Shane's car didn't seem quite on song. Jake Mays is not completely new to Mono having raced with us a year or so ago, but he is experienced in karts. Sadly a misfire troubled him while Pedro Ferreira had some major problems and only did 2 laps.

If Classic was principally relatively new youngsters then I hope I'm not going to offend the 1800 class by describing them as well established Mono men we haven't seen as often as we would like this year. Steve Griffin flew in specially from his new home in Dubai for the Tiedeman Trophy. For such an auspicious occasion, no expense was spared and he chose only the best to run him - Ashton Under Lyne's internationally known Dermot “no pictures” Healy. He qualified first and was followed by Marcus Sheard and a brave Jonathan Baggott, on slicks in the damp. The 1600 class shared poles between races between Eddie Guest and local man Steve Mellish, with Tony Cotton bringing up the rear.

Race 1

Keith Linforth was joint favourite for the Trophy with Malcolm Scott as they were the leading cars present. Keith was last to the assembly area which we took to be due to spending time mentally preparing. Sadly, it was probably indicative of a problem because he was left on the line. Fortunately everybody avoided him. There was more drama at Montreal as Shane Kelly went off, catching the tyre barrier. The steering arm was replaced by the Northbrook Team but only then did they spot further damage which put the car out of race 2. Then Pedro Ferreira's practice woes repeated themselves on Bentley Straight and the car came to a halt. A safety car and a snatch vehicle were put out, but the problem was a seizure in the gearbox and the car wouldn't move easily. The CoC made an excellent call and red flagged the race while there was still enough time for a good second part. Jake Mays's problems proved too much and he too was absent from the restart.

Tony Bishop took the expected lead but Malcolm Scott hunted him down. After 3 laps Malcolm took the lead, while Tony chased. After they had started lapping on lap 5, Tony tried a move at Murray's chicane which didn't work. Both went off, Malcolm with a deranged left steering. As they had requested a common garage, they could be described as team-mates, and the Lewis/Nico at Spa affair came to mind....However, Mono is for adults and all was resolved.

Geoff Fern was already in third, and so inherited the lead which he retained to the end. Ray Rowan had spun on lap one and after passing a well performing Marcus Sheard, was gaining at around 1.5 seconds a lap. Geoff eventually triumphed by 0.7sec, so was probably quite pleased it was a shortened race. Marcus was also vanquished by Nigel Davers who fought up from near the back following a spin which also involved Kevin Coulinhg, to finish overall 3rd. Marcus held on to 4th despite Steve Mellish getting into his stride as the race progressed, having passed Jonathan Baggott on lap 4 after some close racing. Jonathan was 7th overall, demoted behind Steve Griffin as a result of a start infringement 10second penalty. Steve Griffin had some early dices, but spent much of the race alone while Eddie Guest spent the last few laps looking behind for a recovering Kevin Couling fighting his way up; the 1600 man stayed ahead at the end. Bringing up the rear was Tony Cotton, still enthusiastic but bemused as to why 2008 Matador slicks should understeer like a Morris Marina on wet grass.

Race 2

Rain threatened on several occasions but never arrived so the happy remaining 14 cars lined up on slicks. Two non finishers from race 1 reappeared, Pedro's gearbox woes cured and Jake firing on all cylinders.

At the front it was a rescripted version of race 1 – Tony Bishop got away first, but was overhauled by Malcolm Scott, who held the place to the end, Tony staying around a second in arrears. Ray Rowan was frustrated at the lack of pace in his F305 citing tyre issues; he tried a bit too hard and spun off at Murrays which brought out a well managed safety car while he was recovered. Full marks must be given to the very alert marshalls who prevented an incident when the recovery vehicle attempted a vectored tow.


Joe Tiedeman, Geoff Fern and Sue Tiedeman with the impressive trophy

With the race resuming on lap 7 for a final 4 lap sprint Nigel Davers built a 6 second lead over TFR team boss Geoff Fern, slowing slightly on the final lap. Pedro Ferreira in a fully functioning car, for which praise to his University of Wales team, unsurprisingly leapt from the back of the grid to 7th by lap 1, 6th by lap 2 and then had a battle with fellow UoW racer Kevin Couling to swap places around 5 and 6. 5th fell to Pedro when Kevin's car stopped within yards of the flag. Undaunted, Kevin got out and pushed to the finish to be told that (a) he needn't have pushed as it didn't count and he was classified 13th based on lap 9 (b) he did a cracking impression of Nigel Mansell CBE at Dallas 1984 or Sir Jack Brabham at Sebring 1959.

Marcus Sheard and Jonathan Baggott had a lowly qualifying position, starting at the back but JB was up to 8th by the end of lap 1 and Marcus to 10th. By lap 2 Marcus had passed Jonathan, and this was the order at the end. Steve Mellish joined in the fun and swapped places several times with Jonathan, eventually losing out to the Zetec, but both had a good time. The Steves Mellish and Griffin spent much of the race close together, but Steve Griffin wasn't able to pull a move, so ended 9th. Jake Mays had a slow getaway from the grid, fortunately with no problems to anybody else, and was soon past back marker Tony Cotton, and then Eddie Guest who finished as second 1600.

And so with an outright win, 3 class wins and a second, Geoff Fern lifted the Tiedeman Trophy at the end of the day from a delighted Sue Tiedeman who attended with son Joe. It's always good to see these two who give us a direct link to the founding of our club and are such enthusiastic supporters. It was also good to see some new faces, both racing with us and coming to have a look, and we hope we will see them on the grids next year.

A final thanks to CSCC for a very enjoyable meeting, run with friendly efficiency, for some very intelligent decisions, and for allowing us to have the garages.

Tony Cotton

PS It will not have escaped the intelligent reader that the above piece was written by a competitor in the event who spent time between the races sorting out his car, talking to some keen potential competitors and eating his lunch. This left little time for asking people the facts and so if I've got anything wrong, confused or mixed up please first of all accept my apologies and email me by clicking here with corrections, or even quotes or anecdotes. I love quotes and anecdotes.

1 37 Moto 1 Geoff FERN JKS TFR11 1000 7 9:12.163
2 74 INV 1 Ray ROWAN Dallara F305 2000 7 9:12.851
3 77 Moto 2 Nigel DAVERS JKS TFR10 1000 7 9:43.454
4 174 1800 1 Marcus SHEARD Mygale SJO0 1800 7 9:56.574
5 55 1600 1 Steve MELLISH Van Diemen RF89 1600 7 9:57.669
6 182 1800 2 Steve GRIFFIN Van Diemen Formula Ireland 1800 7 10:09.063
7 73 1800 3 Jonathan BAGGOTT Van Diemen RF95 Zetec 1800 7 10:13.334
8 57 1600 2 Eddie GUEST Lola T640 1600 7 10:24.766
9 125 CL 1 Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 7 10:30.989
10 80 1600 3 Tony COTTON Van Diemen Vauxhall Junior 1600 7 10:32.411
DNF 3 2000   Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 2000 5 6:10.220
DNF 7 2000   Anthony BISHOP Dallara F304 2000 5 6:11.314
DNF 40 CL   Pedro FERREIRA Tatuus RC97 0  
DNF 6 2000   Keith LINFORTH Dallara F399 2000 0  
DNF 9 CL   Shane KELLY Van Diemen FR97 0  
DNF 4 1800   Jake MAYS Van Diemen RFO1 1800 0  
  7 2000   Anthony BISHOP Dallara F304 2000 5 1:12.267
  74 INV   Ray ROWAN Dallara F305 2000 5 1:15.155
  37 Moto   Geoff FERN JKS TFR11 1000 6 1:15.772
  55 1600   Steve MELLISH Van Diemen RF89 1600 6 1:22.872
  174 1800   Marcus SHEARD Mygale SJO0 1800 6 1:23.258
  125 CL   Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 4 1:24.268


Pos Driver 1 2 3 4 Pts
1 Geoff FERN 13 3 1 3 58
2 Malcolm SCOTT 6 4 DNF 1 44
3 Nigel DAVERS DNF 17 3 4 34
4 Chris LORD 4 8 32
5 Steve MELLISH 5 8 32
6 Marcus SHEARD 4 6 31
7 Robin DAWE 1 1 30
8 Keith LINFORTH 3 10 DNF DNS 28
9 Kevin COULING 9 13 28
10 Ollie SIRRELL 2 2 25
1 3 2000 1 Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 2000 10 15:24.434
2 7 2000 2 Anthony BISHOP Dallara F304 2000 10 15:26.050
3 37 Moto 1 Geoff FERN JKS TFR11 1000 10 15:51.315
4 77 Moto 2 Nigel DAVERS JKS TFR10 1000 10 15:54.266
5 40 CL 1 Pedro FERREIRA Tatuus RC97 10 16:10.797
6 174 1800 1 Marcus SHEARD Mygale SJO0 1800 10 16:13.992
7 73 1800 2 Jonathan BAGGOTT Van Diemen RF95 Zetec 1800 10 16:16.812
8 55 1600 1 Steve MELLISH Van Diemen RF89 1600 10 16:16.865
9 182 1800 3 Steve GRIFFIN Van Diemen Formula Ireland 1800 10 16:20.311
10 4 1800 4 Jake MAYS Van Diemen RFO1 1800 10 16:20.358
11 57 1600 2 Eddie GUEST Lola T640 1600 10 16:30.159 1
12 80 1600 3 Tony COTTON Van Diemen Vauxhall Junior 1600 10 16:47.081 1
13 125 CL 2 Kevin COULING Renault Tatuus RC97 10 18:09.338 2
DNF 74 INV   Ray ROWAN Dallara F305 2000 2 2:36.255
  3 2000   Malcolm SCOTT Dallara F398 2000 8 1:12.427
  74 INV   Ray ROWAN Dallara F305 2000 2 1:15.042
  37 Moto   Geoff FERN JKS TFR11 1000 7 1:17.680
  40 CL   Pedro FERREIRA Tatuus RC97 9 1:22.200
  4 1800   Jake MAYS Van Diemen RFO1 1800 9 1:22.246
  55 1600   Steve MELLISH Van Diemen RF89 1600 8 1:23.311




Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsoever. Subheadlines and captions are not originated from the named author. We are unable to reproduce results due to copyright reasons. If any pictures are copyright and the owner wishes them removed please email us.


Shane Kelly, off at Montreal

Nigel Davers

Tony Bishop and Malcolm Scott side by side

No damage resulted from this race 1 incident

Pedro Ferreira, Jonathan Baggott and Steve Mellish at Murrays

Ray Rowan gets it a bit sideways......and is unlucky to become stranded on the kerbs.

Steve Griffin leads Eddie Guest

Kevin Couling pushes over the line.

Pictures by Andrew Cliffe /Norwich Photo, except those below from the internet.


And finally.............


Jack Brabham pushing to the first World Championship for a rear engined carNigel Mansell at DallasTony Bishop and Malcolm Scott at Murrays