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Formula Renaults (FRs) in Monoposto Racing Club (MRC)

Autosport recently carried a report of the club's initiative to offer a home to the "orphaned" Formula Renaults. In the event that a necessarily brief report gave the wrong impression, Steven Connor sets out below the club's position in how we would welcome drivers of these cost effective, reliable and attractive cars..

MRC have not added a new class for FRs or planned any FR only races, or changed our rules/regulations/procedures IN ANY WAY.

FRs complying with MRC regs on ride height and restrictors etc have been eligible for Mono 2000 for several years. The 2015 regs are unchanged in these respects. Therefore any FR owner/driver is entitled to submit a full championship registration plus entries for as many MRC events as they wish – just like any other MRC member. Since none of our 2015 events are as yet oversubscribed and, with our ‘1st come 1st served’ policy (see policy at ), any such entries received would guarantee acceptance into the event.

Cadwell Park.
Prior to the news about FR from the BARC, we were forecasting 2 full grids between our classes. Seeing the predicament of FR owners, MSVR & MRC have offered that, if sufficient FRs choose to enter, a 3rd grid might be added. In keeping with our normal practice, complete classes would be allocated to individual grids with the additional grid being used for the complete Mono 2000 class.
This arrangement with MSVR is not MRC buying a 3rd grid and will not impose a financial burden on MRC. The 3rd grid will only be run at the discretion of MSVR and MRC
Our existing 2 grid contract remains in force and if it proves that there isn’t sufficient interest from FRs , the meeting will proceed exactly as normal.