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The treasurer writes:

We currently do not have a series sponsor for 2016, and so would welcome any offers from members, or indeed anybody, for full series sponsorship. The club has also decided that in addition to a “headline” sponsor for our main series we should promote other opportunities. Examples of this sort of sponsorship are:

  • Races – a single race or a weekend of 4 races within the main series. (“The Bloggs Trophy”)
  • Classes – for example “The 1600 class supported by Bloggs Engineering”
  • The Tiedeman Championship (“The Bloggs Engineering Tiedeman Championship”)
  • Individual Trophies (As we already do with the Driver of the Day Trophies.)

In return for sponsorship, we can provide tickets and arrange for “VIP” treatment of any guests, display of advertising material or just logos in the Club awning, and any other reasonable request.We'll do almost anything for money, provided it's ok with the circuit owners/organisers. Guests are sometimes customers, but employees and their families usually enjoy a good day's racing, especially when it involves being allowed behind the scenes. We often forget quite how impressive a grid of single seaters can be. The sponsors name should appear in the programme, over the commentary, and will appear on our web presence (, Facebook and Twitter). With any luck it could appear in the weekly mags, though frankly I wouldn't hold your breath on that one as reporting on club racing isn't what the mags focus on. Unfortunately, the circuits' rules stop us offering hospitality such as a sit down lunch. But we are allowed cake and tea.

A director of a sponsor of a one off event last year said to us “I was very pleasantly surprised how many of my customers commented positively on our sponsorship. It was certainly noticed.”

So if you would like to bring some funds into the club, whether for full series or partial sposnsorship and at the same time benefit your company or organisation, please get in touch, in the first instance through this link.

Tony Cotton


Sponsorship can come in many forms, some particularly welcome.

Cake can be arranged.