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Papers for the AGM

Monoposto Racing Club 56th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Saturday 14th February 2014

Location: Staverton Park, Staverton, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 6JT. (Click here for a "how to find it" guide)
Time: 2 30 pm

1. Introduction of Chairman, Officers, and Executives. President
Apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of 2014 Annual General Meeting Chairman

3. Report on Club's activity during 2014 Administrator

4. Presentation of financial report for 2014 (click) Treasurer

5. Election of Board Members: Chairman

Ewen Sergison
Jon Reed

6. Retirement and re-election of Board Members
Rotational Retirements:
Nick Harrison
Douglas McLay
Terry Clark
Jonathan Baggott (who does not offer himself for re-election)

7. Election of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. President
The Board have nominated the following Directors for appointment to executive roles:
Club Chairman Nick Harrison
Club Secretary Tony Cotton
Club Treasurer Tony Cotton

8. Confirmation of Honorary Club Officers Chairman
President David Cox
Vice President Suzy Livingstone

9. Resolution asking members to approve payment of expenses to the directors for the coming year.
(Note: all directors have indicated that it is currently their intention to donate such expenses to the general funds of the club.)

10. Any Other Business.
The formal meeting will then be closed, and will be followed after a short break by an open discussion.

Jonathan Baggott


Minutes from the 55th AGM of the Monoposto Racing Club held at Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry - 15 February 2014

1) The President introduced the members of the Board to the assembled Monoposto Racing Club (MRC) member audience
Apologies had been received from Russ Giles, Doug McLay

2) The Minutes of the 2013 AGM were agreed as a true & accurate record,
Proposed David Parkinson
Seconded Richard Snuggs

3) Simon Davey presented the Administrator’s report on the club’s 2013 activities, highlighting the following summary points:

  • 2013 had been a strong year in terms of members, competitors & finances
  • The Tiedeman Trophy series had been successful on a number of fronts and would be repeated as a registered MSA championship in 2014.
  • Successes had also been recorded in social activities, club promotion as well as championship & non championship races
  • St Cross Electronics had continued to support the club and have confirmed their sponsorship for 2014
  • Relations with MSVR continued in a positive vein and the 2013 SUNBAC NOVA scheme again proved successful.
  • Donington, Oulton, Silverstone all made financial contributions, while Brands GP, Indy, Castle Combe, Snetterton lost money
  • Spa, TT Donington, TT Silverstone all made surpluses.

4) Financial Report
Tony Cotton (Financial Director) summarised the results for 2013, which had reversed the 2012 performance, and delivered a profit of £7,922.
The cash position was also improved, standing at £46,500.
A question was raised by Robbie Watts about adding £5 to the entry fees to increase club funds. Tony Cotton responded that it was the preferred intention to grow the critical mass of active club members and so provide a broader base for the future.
A discussion over cash flow timing followed. The proposal to adopt the financial reports was
Proposed by Simon Lonnergan
Seconded by Terry Clark

5 &6) Election of Eddie Guest as 1600 rep & Retirement and re-election of Board Members,
Their election & re-election was agreed:
Proposer David Parkinson
Seconded Richard Snuggs

7) Election of Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer
The following officers were elected to their official roles:
Chairman Nick Harrison
Secretary Jonathan Baggott
Treasurer Tony Cotton
Proposer Geoff Fern
Seconded Nick Catanzano

7) Confirmation of Honorary Club Officers
TC explained the roles and historical background to these roles
David Cox MRC President.
Suzie Livingstone Vice President
The proposal was accepted:
Proposer Francis Phillips
Seconded David Parkinson

8 ) The proposal to approve payment of expenses to the directors (which they in turn donate to MRC) was agreed:
Proposer Simon Lonnergan
Seconded Mark Schoefield

9) Any Other Business.
David Parkinson raised a question about Simon Davey’s (SD) duration as club administrator, and the need for continuity of administration responsibilities. It was explained that SD has a rolling one year contract. In addition Anne Guest is being trained and working alongside SD. Back up computer files are also regularly provided to Tony Cotton.

There being no other business the formal business of the meeting was concluded at 15.10.

After a short break discussion continued focused on issues raised by club members.