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Cadwell Park 18 April 2015 Round 1

The long winter is over. Somnambulent steps lead us to the rolling Wolds of Lincolnshire, where the bucking blacktop of Cadwell Park beguilingly beckons Monoposto's seasonal awakening.

Jonathon Hughes put his F301, run by Richard Purcell's team, on pole, on a 1.23.3. Ben Cater was just 0.17 seconds behind, with Daryl Jones 3rd. Robbie Watts lost a time due to track limits, but came in 4th fastest. Saddest tales of the sessionn were Mike Hatton who contacted the barriers on his first lap out, at the mountain, deranging front and rear wings and at least one corner of his Piedrafita powered Dallara. Russ Giles was working down to a time when the Vauxhall engine went in a big way. Russ hopes to be back for Brands. Chris Lord having a drive shaft snap in the Classic qualifying may sound irrelevant to this report, but with the help of a couple of BMW mechanics from the Track Day Trophy he got it changed, too late to join the Classic grid but thanks to the co-operation of all around in time for the 2000 race.

The commentator described the 2000 race as the best of the day, and I certainly wouldn't argue. The front was fast and close with suspense and action. Daryl Jones had a good start and rapidly overtook poleman Jonathon Hughes. He went on to lead every lap, but was consistently pressured by poleman Jonathon Hughes. Together with Ben Cater in third they came across the line under a second apart for the first 3 laps – Jonathon and Ben especially so. There was obvioulsy some difference in setup or driving style as Ben seemed to gain on each lap on the run into Coppice but the gap had reverted when they reappeared. Jonathon had a wobble which cost him a couple of seconds at the Gooseneck (I think) on lap 4, promoting Ben and Robbie Watts. This became the new train while JH caught up. Robbie had been making up ground from the first lap, and we held our breath for a tight last few laps. But on lap 7 Robbie caught the grass around the back and went off, prompting a red flag. With countback to lap 6 the result was declared at a little over half distance, the flag having come out on lap 7 when over 10 minutes had passed.

Tony Bishop had been circulatig in a lonely 5th, well separated from 4th and 6th, but his smooth consistency was rewarded with 4th place. Malcolm Scott followed him in 5 seconds behind, while the next man up was Shane Kelly, first non-Dallara in the Wolverhampton University Renault.

Jim Blockley ran his Avit-tended RT3 in this race along with Peter Venn in the trusty and always poular Anson. Jim slowed a little in the later laps – presumably on the Jackie Stweart principle of achieve the result without straining the car – while Peter was surprisingly slower than Jim, and slower than he was himself in the Classic race. FF2000 refugee Chris Lord impressed with his FVL.

David Gambling and Mark Smith circulated reasonably closely for a few laps until David made a break. In the end they were split by a recovering Cian Carey, who had an incident on the first lap and then proceeded to drive at a race leading pace (admitedly helped on occasion by a clear track) to finish in the pack.

Tony Cotton

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Robbie Watts demonstrates an easy 4cm ride height Daryl Jones and Ben Cater Mark Smith

Cian Carey

David Gambling What are you doing Jim??



Jonathon Hughes and Ben Cater fight behind Daryl Jones

A close fight

David Gambling chases Chris Lord

Shane Kelly in the Wolverhampton University Formula Renault