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David Wall

David Wall passed away on 2 February 2015. Many people knew him, but in many ways he was a very private man outside the racing, and an overall picture is difficult to get. So we thought the best tribute to him would be to ask Ewen Sergison, who probably knew him best, to write an appreciation and then invite stories on the forum, which we'll use to update this obituary.

Ewen writes: I have been asked to put a few words together on behalf of the Monoposto club which I hope will bring all the stories we have about Dave together on our web forum. I personally would love to hear more of what this extremely quirky and interesting man got up to.

I met Dave Wall back in the late eighties while I was still young, sweet and innocent, wearing shorts whilst trying my best not to get run over in the Monoposto paddock. First thing I remember is his very deep voice that he could throw across the paddock in his broad Herefordshire accent. You could hear him from anywhere while he was telling us his stories as he often did. One of my favourites is about him and his pals who were sick of dodging the local police when trying to drive home from his local pub. So he and a few friends that owned the land between the houses and the pub bought an old Land Rover that never saw the road and was always parked outside one of their houses or the pub and was solely used to drive back from the pub drunk without touching the public highway.

Dave not only raced but also is responsible for many of us having licences. I know of lots from Monoposto and from elsewhere whose first track experience was with Dave.(He eventually became chief instructor at Mallory Park's Everyman school.) I knew Dave from instructing as he got me into the job for which I owe him a great deal with the opportunities this gave me.

On the down side I did end up sharing a room with him and Ian Ashley on several occasions and boy could they snore! Ear plugs were a necessity .

One thing that really moved me about Dave was in 2009, about four weeks before the awards ceremony I was on the phone to him chatting about a car we were selling at the Brightwells auction and when he knew I was getting my trophy for winning the championship he immediately booked a room and seats for the dinner because he wanted to be there for my moment of glory.

His deep, unique voice is locked in time and can still be heard on the videos we posted on youtube, I like that.

Dave always had a project on the go and was always dabbling in some fantastic plan to resurrect a circuit or car from the ashes. I for one owe a lot to Dave for both my racing and instructing career and will feel his absence for ever. The news of his death came as a shock and brought to light something that's quite strange.....I have known Dave for years, we've been to each others house, spent countless weekends together at circuits but I had never met any of his family, so when the news of his death came I felt a little guilty and helpless that I could not pass on my condolences.

For those of you that are going to the funeral, there will be a collection pot raising money for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution but if anyone wishes to contribute please get in touch I will be happy to arrange forwarding it on.

As I said I would love to hear all your stories of this wonderful character so please share them on the web forum in Paddock chatter thread Dave Wall.

Ewen Sergison


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Dave didn't confine himself to circuit racing. He was mechanic to Charles Wardle and Chris Dowson for their 5 litre hillclimb Pilbeam MP47 Repco. Charles won the championship in 1987. (Pic Steve Wilkinson)