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Race Retro - Stoneleigh Park 20-22 February 2015 (Part2)


Rally cars

I know nothing about rallying so please correct me gently.

A stand in memory of Richard Burns was, to put it politely, "understated". Considering he was a world champion who died tragically at 34 from astrocytoma (a brain tumour), a lot more could have been said. Nonetheless, 2 Peugeots (205 and 305) and a couple of Subarus (Legacy and Impreza) were nicely presented. We weren't sure if this RS1700T (a rear drive Mk3 escort with a 1.7 BDT) was an original or replica. Whatever, it forms a very nice missing link between the Group 4 RS1800 and the RS200 Group B car,,,, ...which appeared in the cattle sheds ready for the weekend runs.
Toyota Celica did a good impersonation of an immensley powerful brick. Bjorn Waldegard colours. Russell Brookes, now 70, was interviewed. For Russell we should have a Heat For Hire car. An Ari Vatanen/ Dave Richards (who was present as a visitor on Friday) model must suffice. Ari was driving at the weekend. Chevette challenged the Escorts
Speaking of Vauxhalls, this is the Astra 4S, built for the stillborn Group S, and driven to 4th in the Audi Sport Rally of 1986 by Andrew Wood. Wood was pipped to the title by sandwich and fishpaste magnate Alistair Sutherland. Short chassis Audi Quattro epitomises Group B cars of the 80's with its brutalist architecture and characteristic chatter. No, they're real, not a Corgi box set Unlike the Lancias in part one, we think this is the real thing and not a saloon cut down to make a sports car. Ther 70's Beta saloon is in any case rarer in the UK than the 037 rally car.
Featured Marque 2 Lola
The most admired Lola of all is arguably the T70. Here's a couple.

Octane magazine had one on its stand. The exhibitor was applying a badge for a 1000km race series, in the style of the old BOAC speedbird. (BOAC, which merged to become British Airways, sponsored long distance sports car races.)

Sunoco liveried T70.



A stroll round the show always gives a bit of variety, and a good way to fill the pages of Startline when nobody sends us any stories about their new cars (hint).

Norman Dewis is a regular guest on the interview stage. He crashed the XJ13 if you've never heard of him. But if you haven't you probably don't know what the XJ13 is. Talking of Jaguars, here's the Group44 E Type which dominated SCCA racing and led to Jaguar's return to LeMans 2 seater Brabham is fairly rare, 14 BT8as were made. Unlike the "patinated" cars, this screamer F3 Titan was genuinely a bit in need of restoration. It carried a Monoposto registration.
Amazing how much stuff can be inside a fuel cell. PRG offered a value enclosed trailer. Crossles. Leyton House CG91 was the successor to the Marches that competed with success in previous years. Sponsor Leyton House was a financially controversial outfit.
Benneton 192 was designed by Ross Brawn (who later did rather well...) and Rory Byrne of Royale and Toleman fame. Handsome car advertised Bahamas Speed Week. 1986 Arrows A9 was BMW powered, driven by Boutsen. Unlike March, Arrows survived a dalliance with an interesting Japanese company (Footwork) and died under the control of the interesting Tom Walkinshaw Walkinshaw, of course, ran Rover 3500s (SD1s), sometimes in Zambian Spec. This was a TWR Rover in not-Zambian spec. Glorioius and mad Isotta Franchini
Basil Davenport came from a wealthy mill owning family.He built "Spider" (left) and drove it in a cow gown, often stuffing the immaculate Raymond Mays in his immaculate ERA's at Shelsley etc. It had deliberately scruffy bodywork, so bad that despite numerous wins he was famously turned away when arriving at an event. Arguably a 1930's "punk rock" racer. 1961 Alfa Romeo Giullietta Sprint Speciale. I think I'm in love.
Reversing box Busy vista from Mono stand Bailey Morris made this man from their prop shafts and drive shafts. This kangaroo seemed keen on hiring a 911 to do a historic rally in Australia. As he's inflatable he would probably survive the roo bars quite well.

















































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