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Cadwell Park 18 April 2015 Round 1
Moto and 1600

"Well, they're back". That's how Denis Jenkinson began his report when Mercedes came back to Grand Prix Racing in the 1950s with dominant performances. It was a feeling of respectful resignation to the inevitability of the superiority. Should the Moto grid feel the same now that Jeremy Timms has pitched up with a Graham Read modified Dallara? Probably.


Not only was Jeremy on pole, he was on pole by nearly 3 seconds, and the second man was Adrian Wright whose nimble GEM, of compact size for the twisty bits and clever aero for the sweepy bits looked the almost ideal Cadwell tool. Jeremy was also 0.6 seconds faster than the Mono 2000 class. Marc Fortune was third, in his Wingnut run Jedi, with Craig Hurran 4th in a newly acquired Jedi - so new it didn't even have his name on it. The former Timms family marque of Speads was next up, with Jason Timms, whilst His Contructorness Graham Read occupied 6th. Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke was getting used to the TFR-J15 of Team fern, having moved down from the Premier Class (1600 for anybody new). Jonathan Reed slotted in 9th ahead of very welcome returnee Mick Kinghorn, moving from his Novis to a JKS. Rally man Tony Gauntlet also rejoined Mono to complete the top 10.Regular lime green Jedi runner Len Turner was sandwiched between 2 newcomers to Mono, Martin Wright in the ex-Jeremy Timms Speads and Kyle Cutts in another Speads, painted as a Licky Stroke Honda.

The cancellation of the Super Series race meant we welcomed David Wild, a well know and rapid competitor in his Lola T200, the constructor's first foray into this category. A 1.37 is impressive in a 1600, let alone on on ACB9s. Team mate Robert Tusting was a ful 3.5 seconds behind whilst first regular Mono runner was Geoff Fern in his trusty RF89, a second ahead of Tony Cotton, who led James Chapman and Eddie Guest. Jock Sergison's Highlander, sporting evidence of a windtunnel development program, completed the field.


Probably best to separate the classes, as the races were rather different. In Moto, Jeremy was never headed and won by 10 seconds from Adrian Wright, who was another 9 seconds ahead of Craig Hurran, in turn 3 ahead of Jason Timms. Marc Fortune had a good start to the raceand was initially second, but after a lap dropped out with engine problems. Martin Wright had an off at the Mountain as a UJ broke. The safety car came out for 3 laps and on the restart Graham Reed made up 3 places, sadly to go out on lap 7. Jon Reed, Mick Kinghorn,Tony Gauntlett and Andrew Colebrooke circulated fairly separately with no great likelihood of place changes. This isn't to say the race was unexciting, merely that there was a range of paces, possibly conencted with the early stage of the season.

Our 2 vitiors from historic FF1600 put the cat among the pigeons. The slower qualifier of the 2, Robert Tusting, imitially took the lead, pulling out 7 seconds on lap 1. Geoff Fern took up the challenge and chased, while David Wild was also closely chased, first by Tony Cotton, and then by Geoff when David passed him. By lap 3, David had passed his Lola team-mate and gradually (subject to the safety car) built a lead to win by 9 seconds. Geoff stuck to Robert for a few laps until passed by James Chapman, who took 3rd. James took Eddie Guest on the first lap, but was then demoted by Eddie, only to have a great restart where he took both Eddie and Tony and then a lap from the end, Geoff, to bag third spot. Geoff stuck to his gearbox, who knows what another lap might have brought, while Eddie passed Tony into Park oin lap 8, only to spin dramatically but with no damage, on the final lap allowing Tony past. But only just.

Len Turner initially drew away from Kyle Cutts but at the finish under a second separated them, while Jock Sergison was the only lapped finisher but in tru Mono style seemed to be enjoying himself.

Tony Cotton

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1600s in line astern Marc Fortune and Mick Kinghorn Martin Wright had a baptism of fire


All pics Norwich Photo/Andrew Cliffe

Jeremy Timms, Dallara

Jock Sergison

Kyle Cutts, Speads

Geoff Fern puts Robert Tusting under pressure