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Simon Davey's Leaving Gift

When Simon announced his retirement from Monoposto last year, we had a collection at Brands Hatch and by other means to get a leaving present. It was a well kept secret, but at the MSVR media day on 18 February, the club was able to present him with a framed picture by leading motorsport artist Andrew Kitson of Simon at La Source in the RF78, based on one of Andrew Cliffe's photographs. We reproduce it below (copyright Andrew Kitson) in quite large format because it really is quite stunning in the detail, atmosphere and understanding of the car. Simon was delighted and has posted the following message of thanks on the forum:

"At the MSVR Media Day yesterday Steven Connor, Andrew & Emma Cliffe presented me with a fantastic gift which commemorates my time as Monoposto Racing Club Administrator. It's an Andrew Kitson painting of me racing at Spa.

This beautiful and unique painting already has pride of place on my office wall. Very many thanks to all those of you in Monoposto who arranged and funded this. I will certainly treasure it and I'm very touched by your thoughtfulness.

Thank You!
Warmest Regards
Simon Davey

The picture (left) and Andrew Cliffe's photo of the presentation by Steven to Simon (above).


We've said it before but it bears repeating that it was a pleasure for those of us on the board to work with Simon and for those of us racing to have our paths laid out and smoothed by him.

For information, Andrew Kitson has an order book/waiting list of about 6 months, which really isn't surprising. Click his name to go to his website. Andrew Cliffe's pictures can be seen here.

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