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Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
15 August 2015 Round 9 1600, Moto, Classic


Expected pole man Jeremy Timms dropped out after only 3 laps and ended up fifth leaving Jason to take pole in the “other” Moto Dallara. Experienced Jedi racer James Maclachlan took second spot, with the rapid Richard Gittings 3rd and Craig Hurran 4th. Marc Fortune's “other other” Dallara in a fetching citrus green was 6th.

Bryn Tootell, having eventually extracted his Van Diemen from the cars parked around him, took Classic pole from Matthew Tighe and Terry Clark, who was trying to get rid of some energy ready for the barbecue he had organised. Geoff Fern took 1600 from FF1600 driver Kevin Bottomley with Eddie Guest in third place.

Kevin Couling only managed 5 laps, and failed to achieve the cunning plan of shortening the lap by cutting through the barriers to the Indy circuit because (a) the marshalls noticed (b) the barriers and his car noticed.


There was concern on the green flag lap David Heavey failed to get away, but he was, thanks to the long lap, pushed away. The start was a little hairy as Nathan Corridon and Will McAteer were also stuck on the grid, but it's a credit to the Mono drivers that all was well despite the back of the grid being beyond line of sight.


Jason Timms kept his position at the front for a lap, being 3 seconds clear of James Maclachlan and Richard Gittings and despite pressure from Jeremy Timms. Things went pear shaped on lap 2 and he dropped out with a damaged front upright leaving Jeremy a clear and dominant run to the finish, leading by nearly 30 seconds at the flag from the similar car of Marc Fortune. It's currently looking as though the Timms (JorJ)/Read-Dallara combo is unbeatable in Moto. Marc's developing Dallara was 6th on the grid, and he worked his way through the field gaining a place on lap 1 and another when Jason dropped out. Another was won during lapping, partly because of a brave approach rewarded. Round the outside at Paddock Hill Bend when somebody else is lapping on the inside is brave, but it worked. By lap 7 he was 2nd and stayed there to the flag, while James Maclachlan and Richard Gittings had a good close race, swapping places a few times until James came out ahead. Craig Hurran was part of their pack for some of the race, but had a good dice with Nigel Davers in the innovative BMW-Jedi, until Nigel detected problems (a loose oil union which resulted in a bit of smoke), stopped and extinguished it before too much harm was done.

Jon Reed completed the Moto pack, while Dan Levy had fun racing with the FVLs of classic's Jared Wood and Andrew Barron until Andrew dropped out on lap 6. Andrew Colebrooke seemed to have the advantage over Dan, but slowed in the last few laps and fell into his clutches. Mike Scott was delayed a little at the start but had a busy race, and joined a tight little group of Motos and Classics, dropping back a bit at the end. With Leastone stalwart Morgan McCourt finishing a competitive 10th, Kyle Cutts (with his Lickey Strook livery obscured with tape for legal reasons), the evergreen (and lime green) Len Turner and the increasingly quick Martin Wright completed the class. It was good to see former club sponsor Dax Ward out and enjoying himself, less good to see him retire on lap 7 having moved up the field from a difficult qualifying.


With Matthew Tighe sidelined, Terry Clark moved up to challenge Bryn Tootell, but Bryn drew away and won the class, never headed, by 14 seconds. Alistair Bell, had, like the writer, spent some of the lunchtime drooling over former Mono racer Kevin Mason's Alonso F1 Renault F3000 Lola lookalike. Unlike the writer he didn't inflict injury on himself with it and so was able to join a superb battle with Terry, Mat Jordan, Peter Whitmore and a number of Motos. After a few laps the order was established as Alistair, Mat, Terry, with Peter separated by AG-C's Speads. But with a lap to go Terry just edged ahead, leaving Alistair in second, Mat 4th. Jared Wood spent much of the race in the company of Motos, to finsih 5th, while Lou Watts got ahead of Mark Drew on lap 2 and stayed there, Mark having James Williams in his mirrors until James dropped out with a broken throttle cable, having earlier rather spectacularly lost his silencer. Peter's world fell apart on lap 6, which was about 40 seconds behind the norm. Chris Lord took advantage and so what began so promisingly ended for Peter with a 9th. Kevin Couling was 10th without the benefit of a front wing, a legacy of his morning excursion.


Geoff Fern had the lead all to himself, and had a bit of entertainment with some of the Classics and Motos. The expected battle for second between Eddie Guest and Kevin Bottomley never happened as Eddie had a much better first lap, and Kevin was never able to close the gap. Tony Cotton trundled in 4th, while poor Jock Sergison in the unique Highlander had a loose floor for which he was black and orange flagged. After it was fixed the time delay meant he was unclassified.

The overall time of the race was a bit under the 15 minutes, Steven says "The race was chequered flagged on time but due to the close back marker group Jeremy was in there was a confusion and these cars thought they had taken the chequered and exited the track with Jeremy when they still had a lap to go officially."

Tony Cotton (with inside info from Steven Connor)

Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. Subheadlines and captions are not originated from the named author. We are unable to reproduce results due to copyright reasons. If any pictures are copyright and the owner wishes them removed please email us.

The start straight car park



Jason leads JeremyLime and Black Marc Fortune

Jared Wood, Morgan McCourt

Nigel Davers, Craig Hurran

Kevin Couling

Kevin Bottomley

Kevin Couling during (above) and after (below) his incident.